Marcy and Rocky

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How We Met

Last year, in May of 2014 I (Marcy) was out at The Pub in Mercato with my friend Taylor and her boyfriend Chris. Taylor and Chris asked me if I was dating or seeing someone and I said no and I was about done with men! Taylor insisted that Chris had a really nice friend named Rocky who I should meet. I was so hesitant as I was fed up with dating jerks that I just about passed it up until Taylor said “He has a dog, Riley, who is his world. Kind of like your dogs are to you”, I melted, touché Taylor! She knew the key to my heart. I have 2 dogs, Ace & Mia who are my WORLD and she knew that any person I would even consider dating had to be an animal lover as well. I finally agreed to see a picture of Rocky and that was all I needed. He was so handsome, athletic and his smile seemed extremely genuine. Seeing a picture of him and Riley was literally the cherry on top. When I agreed to possibly meet him Taylor said “good because I already showed him a picture of you and he said you are gorgeous and he has to meet you!”. Very well played to Chris and Taylor for being our amazing matchmakers!

Rocky and I started following each other on Instagram and since I am so impatient, I finally gave in and sent him a direct message. Rocky loves to tell that story as he thinks I “just had to have him”, my version sounds more like, well looks like I have bigger guts than you! Long story short, we arranged to meet at The Pub a week later and of course I took my best friend and wing woman, Veronica, as a bodyguard and for her approval. Rocky and I had been texting for the week in between so the excitement had definitely been building up. On Friday, May 23, 2014 we finally met at the pub. We did introductions and said “nice to finally meet you” and within SECONDS (literally) of meeting, a random guy passed by Rocky and hit his elbow hard enough to make Rocky’s FULL glass of beer spill down my black lace top and coral skinny jeans. Ahhhh, the cold refreshing feeling of wasted beer and pure humiliation down my pants :) I turned to Veronica, looked back at Rocky and said “ummm I have to go to the bathroom”. My face must have said it all because Rocky turned to his friend, Mike, and said “well, I blew that”. Needless to say, it wasn’t enough to blow him off (clearly) so we continued on the night and got to know each other. Being so shy, Veronica held most of the conversation with Rocky as I kept replaying in my head the fact that this guy had literally just spilled his beer down my pants. It has definitely become a fun story to tell our friends and family and we can’t wait to tell our kids one day!

Fast forward a few weeks and he kept blowing me out of the water, in a REALLY good way this time, and we started dating. As the typical cliché goes, I thought he was “too good to be true” so I ran away and ended things after 2 short months. I was yelled at by my parents and friends and told I was so dumb for walking away on such an amazing man. My family had fallen for him and so had my friends. I had also met his family and completely fell in love with them too. Problem is, I was scared to death about finally finding a GREAT man.

Months went by and Rocky and I did our own thing, dated other people and only text here and there for holidays and his birthday. However, as hard as we tried, we clearly couldn’t get each other of our minds. I think Rocky was, of course, SUPER skeptical given my runaway girlfriend type move but I knew I had let something amazing go.

And so the saying goes, “if you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you its yours”. And if you don’t like that one, there is “what’s meant to be, will always find its way”.

Rocky and I had our “first date” again, on January 17, 2015 and never separated since. We are each others soulmates and best friends and can’t imagine doing life with anyone else.

He proposed in the most romantic way on Saturday, November 14, 2015 with both of our families and closest friends, nothing will ever top that day for us! Well, maybe our wedding ;-)

“People fall in love in mysterious ways” <3

how they asked

My sister (Gigi) had text me and told me Keith Isaac (a local photographer) had text her saying he was revamping his website and needed brunette models and asked her to help and bring 2 friends and that we would have to wear black tie attire. My sister picked my best friend, Veronica, and I to do the shoot. Well we were supposed to be at his studio at 5:30 on Saturday, November 14th and low and behold, we were finishing getting ready at my house and there’s a knock at my door and there is Keith. Needless to say I was pretty shocked. I think at that moment I knew considering all of the stares I was getting from my parents, my sister and Veronica.

My mom and dad gave me 2 scrolls and said “these are for you” and that’s where our story (literally) began, I was in shock!!! Rocky had an artist paint us and made an entire story out of our life (non-fiction) and put the pictures into individual scrolls with a story behind every picture. My sister, Veronica, Keith and I got into my sisters car and they started driving me to different locations where Rocky and I had had a date or a special moment at. Every stop we went to I was greeted by Rocky’s family (mom, dad, sister, brother, nieces and nephew) and all of his nieces were wearing princess dresses and they all handed me scrolls.

The first stop was at the Pub at Mercato where we first met. Rocky’s mom and oldest niece were there outside and handed me the scroll talking about the pub when we met and how he had spilled his beer on me (yes, this actually happened).

The second stop was where we had our first date at a Japanese steakhouse, Da Ru Ma, and there was his dad and niece Hayden with the scroll of the picture of us at our first date.

The third stop was at the Humane Society, obviously because of our dogs (we have 3), and it was his brother, with his girlfriend and their 3 kids and the scroll was a picture of us at the dog beach with our 3 dogs.

The fourth stop was at my favorite nail salon, and there was Rocky’s brother-in-law and his niece Schyler, the scroll had a picture of us at our first vacation together in Sarasota talking about us falling in love. Just when I thought that stop was over I was told to walk into the nail salon ,which had stayed open late for me, and got my nails done. Rocky knew that I would’ve wanted to have my nails pretty for the engagement, it was amazing that he thought of every little detail.

The fifth stop was at the Naples Beach Club, where Rocky’s sister and niece Braelyn were waiting with a scroll that had a picture of Rocky, Riley and I in Rocky’s pool planning our future together.

Then after much anticipation I was taken to the sixth and final stop at Cambier Park (which is where Rocky and I attend Church). A lit up walkway led me to Rocky who was standing in the middle of a heart shape made out of lights. It was dreamy. As I was walking up to him, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri was playing on the speakers. When I looked to my right near the stage at the park, there was both of our families and our closest friends, I lost it, cried like a baby. I walked up to Rocky who said the most amazing speech and got down on one knee on a fluffy white pillow and he asked!!! I cried, said YES, and then asked “is that even a question?!?!”

Rocky gave me the final scroll and the picture was of him in the park down on one knee proposing to me! He compiled all of the pictures along with the stories and made a book with the help of Shutterfly! We have a memory to keep and read to our kids (in the future) for the rest of our lives.

Our families had made reservation at one of our favorite Italian restaurants on the water and we were able to celebrate the rest of the night with our family and friends. It was a day neither of us will ever forget!

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Special Thanks

Keith Isaac
 | Photographer
Johnathan Wilson
 | Diamond Broker