Marcy and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met in September of 2009. Back then I was working at NYSC and he was looking to lose some 15 lbs ha. He was immediately smitten with me and crushed on me for the 2 years I worked there which I never knew until we started dating. He was very shy and never dropped any hints during the time I was working there. We went about 2 years without seeing each other after I stopped working at NYSC. Fast forward to February of 2013. By fate 2 of our friends decided to celebrate their birthdays at the same location where we bumped into each other and Matt finally built up the courage to flirt with me. The following day he messaged me on fb, got my number and 2 weeks after we were on our official first day! Within a month after that we were officially a couple!

how they asked

Matt and I have been speaking about getting engaged for the past 5 months! We went ring shopping back in October and I for sure though he was going to propose on my birthday in December or during the holidays. I was wrong.

After growing restless all hear months, He fully executed a great surprise that included all of our closest friends.

Every month I have a dinner with my 5 closest girlfriends. At the end of dinner, my best friend handed me a box that included a puzzle. As I was putting it together I immediately started shaking realizing that the puzzle said “Will you marry me” and “‘meet me outside.” Once I completed the puzzle, my girlfriend grabbed my hand and said come on let go outside!

Once I was outside I saw about 20 people all holding sparklers in front of the NYC skyline. Bruno Mars’ “Marry Me” was playing and I saw Matt walking in front of all of our friends. At this point I’m crying hysterically and he says “Are you ready, were doing this.” He got done on one knee and asked the grand question…WILL YOU MARRY ME? I was still in hysterics and just nodded my head yes. He then put my ring on and I literally jumped on him and he twirled me in the air. After that all our friends joined in the celebration and jumped on us with a million hugs.

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