Marcy and Kyle's DUMBO Proposal

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How we met: Kyle and I met through our church’s community group.  We’d known each other for about 2 years before we started dating.  Little did I know that the man of my dreams had been right in front of me all along! After dating for about 5 months, Kyle’s uncle tragically passed away.  We went to his hometown to attend the funeral.  Kyle said that as he watched me console his mother at the funeral, he knew he was looking at his future wife. Kyle has always been such a wonderful example of a godly man who is both courageous and gentle.  I feel like the luckiest woman in the whole wide world.

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how they asked: We planned to spend Christmas in NYC with his sister and her husband. I had no idea that a proposal would be happening! One day while we were in Brooklyn exploring DUMBO (down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass) Kyle pulled me in in close and started talking about the timeline of our relationship, telling me how much he loved me and relishing in the goodness of God’s grace in both of our lives that lead us to today. Then he dropped to his knee….

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After I said yes he asked me to look over my shoulder…and there was the photographer that he had hired to capture the proposal!  We spent time walking around Brooklyn and taking pictures.  After we finished taking pictures, we found a quiet spot to sit down and pray together, then we FaceTimed with each of our families and close friends!  We ate dinner at the River Cafe with a view of Manhattan and sipped champagne sent to us by some of Kyle’s dear friends. After that, Kyle had another surprise waiting for me!  We jumped in a cab to “go get drinks” in Manhattan.  Little did I know I was walking into the Hotel Mondrain in Soho where a small number of family and close friends were waiting to celebrate with us! It was such a wonderful day of happy tears, prayers, congratulations, cheers, and laughter.  I can’t wait to be Mrs. Paterik!

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Photography by Eric Mooney