Marcy and Evan

How We Met: My freshman year of high school (his sophomore), we met in track and field. I didn’t finish the season and honestly don’t remember meeting him then, but for him it was pretty significant. Flash forward to the end of the next school year, and I had to take a math test after school one day. My math teacher (his neighbor) was going to give him a ride home after I finished my test, so he was there as well.

After I finished my test, we got to talking and I convinced him to enroll in the veterinary science class the next year because we needed to make sure that there were enough people enrolled to make the class run. In his eyes, he was signing up to spend a year in the same class as the pretty girl that he had had a crush on for a while. Unfortunately for him, I was dating someone else at the time, and continued to date that other guy until halfway through my senior year.

Two weeks after my previous boyfriend and I broke up, I received a Facebook message from Evan asking how I was and if I wanted to go on a date. I told him that I wasn’t ready, and he stopped messaging me. Well, I didn’t want to stop talking to him, so I gave him my phone number and we kept talking. A few weeks later we went on the most amazing date that I have ever been on, and I decided that maybe I was ready to date after all.

Two weeks or so after the first date, we went to Starbucks, then to the park at Blackman’s lake. As we were walking down towards the water, I pointed out that there was something in the water. As we got closer, I realized that the “something” was a floating message in a bottle. Again, I pointed it out, and commented that it was adorable. At this point, I was not catching on. When we got closer, I saw a fishing pole sticking out of the bank. Evan picked it up and started to reel it in.

Still not realizing what was going on, I thought that he was reeling in some poor fisherman’s rod. Evan handed me the pole and said, “here, why don’t you do it?” At that point it all hit me, and I figured out what was going on. Inside the bottle was a poem that he had written that ended with “will you be mine?” I think I’ve been in love with hime ever since then.

how they asked: Shortly after we got to Evan’s cabin on Fish Lake on July 2nd, he suggested that we leave to go on a date. Well, I wanted to go swimming but I agreed to go anyways because it seems very important to him. We went to Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee and I led the way for a while, walking around the garden. I asked Evan if he wanted to lead the way, and he said yes. So, he led the way to this lawn with a pretty waterfall in the background.

Image 1 of Marcy and Evan

I saw a rose petal trail leading to the water feature, and a photographer taking pictures. Naturally I thought that the photographer was getting ready for a wedding or a potshot for another couple. I looked up at Eva,, and when I looked back at the flower trail, the camera was pointed at us! I was very confused and creeped out for a moment, until I realized that the photographer was Becca (my sister). Then it all clicked and I realized what was going on. He led me down the flower trail to the water feature, then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Image 2 of Marcy and Evan