Marcy and Charles

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Marco island, Florida

How They Asked

Charles and his family had a vacation in mind for all of us to go to Florida. His parents told me it would be my Christmas present from them for me to join. I was so thrilled that one I was invited and two, I’m going on a week vacation with my man going to sunny Marco Island. His family informed me that they were having family photos on the beach and said that Melissa (Charlie’s brother’s girlfriend) and I were able to join the family photo. I was like heck yes, I’m getting closer to the family!

We did a big family photo, shot some good sibling photos, and couples. Charles and I were the last ones to go! As we were whining down with photos Charles l yells to his brother, “Tim how about one more!”

I was looking down playing with the seashells with my feet and all of a sudden I see a light pink box to my right. I immediately gasped and put my hands over my face and I turned to Charlie with overjoyed tears and he asked me to Marry him! His brother and sisters caught everything on camera. I will never never forget that moment. Just wow. I’m marrying into an awesome family!

Marcy's Proposal in Marco island, Florida

Special Thanks

Andrew & Kali Strutzenberg, Claire Strutzenberg, Tim Strutzenberg, Cathy A Jim Strutzenberg, Tanner & Michelle Strutzenberg
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