Marcus and Emily

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How we met

Marcus and I met when I moved into his and a mutual friend’s house in San Francisco. They were looking for a third roommate and luckily accepted me. I believe Marcus was a little hesitant on living with a girl considering they only had one bathroom and boys are gross. However we became instant friends and found ourselves spending a lot of time together over the next year and a half. As we became closer and our connection growing stronger, it became apparent to us both that there was more than just a friendship here. Although it wasn’t love at first sight for us, we had the chance to know each other as roommates and then as friends. Our relationship is built on top of a strong foundation of friendship and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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how they asked

Marcus and I had rollercoaster of a year in 2016. We decided to go to London for Christmas to celebrate with Marcus’s family and I couldn’t have been more excited! Having never visited London I was looking forward to our first international trip together and to have the chance to get to know his family better. We arrived to London on December 22nd very jet lagged. Marcus promised me we would spend the next day together exploring the city by ourselves before meeting up with his family for dinner.

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On December 23rd, we woke up early and well rested. Marcus told me he wanted to walk around Kensington Palace and Hyde Park before having a nice lunch. We took public transit over to the Embassy Park where we explored before wondering over to Queen Victoria’s garden palace in Kensington Park. Marcus seemed a little distracted and was consistently looking at his phone. I figured he was trying to pull up a map or reading an article. Regardless he was acting a little strange. We were standing near Queen Victoria’s statue when Marcus recognized a guy he thought he knew (turned out to be the photographer). Marcus guided me over to the garden which wasn’t flourishing during the winter but still so beautiful!! As I was gazing out over the garden Marcus grabbed my hand and went down on one knee.

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There were so many things happening at once but there was no hesitation in my joyous response. I realized at that moment someone was taking pictures. Marcus had hired this amazing photographer, Joe, to take pictures of our moment so we could share with family and friends. We are so grateful to have this moment documented as this was a trip we’ll never forget.

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Special Thanks

Joe Venuto Media
 | photographer