Marco and Caitlin

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How We Met

Third grade was where it all began. Marco and I went to the same elementary school, where we had class together. I would admire him from afar in his tight Under Armour shirts and mad PE skills– but he was too focused on the playground to notice me. We ended up going on our different paths, where years later we went to different middle schools and rival high schools. But one day in March 2012, Marco found me and “accidentally” bumped into me at a church service. After a couple of dates, and asking for my dad’s permission, he asked me to be his girlfriend on May 25th, 2012– and that is where the adventure began.

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Dating through high school was an absolute blast! Marco was playing baseball at the time, so after high school, Marco took up the opportunity to play college baseball on the East Coast while I stayed in Arizona for school. Did I love this situation? Nope… But I’m not going to lie– we crushed long distance. We had weekly FaceTime dates, and I was even able to make a couple trips up there to visit him in Boston. These were the hardest and most challenging times in our relationship because we missed each other so much, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. We were able to grow tremendously close through this. After 2 years of him living out of state, he transferred home to focus on school, where we got to spend this past year attending the same university. This brings us to where we are today.

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how they asked

In my head, I was the one who had planned this amazing trip up to Yosemite National Park with all of our graduated friends. We had a place to stay and had planned out all the hikes we were going to do. I was beyond excited! Yosemite was a place I had always dreamed of going to, so needless to say I was counting down the days. Little did I know, Marco and my friends were closely counting down the days– but for a different reason. After a 13-hour road trip, we got to the cabin– where there were maps inside with special trails marked on it. I was told that the people who owned the cabin had left them for us, but in reality, Marco had contacted the park, told them his plan to propose, hand-marked certain trails, and then sent them to the cabin. Later I also found out that he had been planning this trip for the past 6 months to propose to me here. The next morning we headed out for the park, and began our day of hiking and sight-seeing. Near the end of the day, we had some “extra time” so one of our friends suggested that we go to a meadow in front of Yosemite Falls because it has a great view of the sunset. Fun Facts about me: I LOVE waterfalls and I LOVE sunsets, so I was all aboard for this “random” stop.

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When we got there, I remember walking up to it thinking “This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It would be so cool if someone got proposed to here.” It hadn’t even crossed my mind that it could possibly be me. We sat at this meadow for a good 30 minutes, just admiring how gorgeous it was and enjoying every moment. All of the sudden, Marco grabbed his portable speaker and started playing some music. He was just playing normal music from his speaker, but then suddenly, one of “our” songs started playing, and I completely froze. As Marco walked me over the waterfall, I could tell how nervous he was because he started stumbling on his words , and my mind went blank.

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Next thing I knew, Marco was down on one knee, and he asked me to be his forever. I was so caught off guard, and so full of joy that I just lost it. There is a cute girl cry, and then there is the type of cry that you do when you lose your puppy.

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Of course, I was doing the lost puppy cry, and poor Marco had to stay on his knee forever because I couldn’t even get the word “YES” out. Finally I was able to give him the easiest YES of my entire life.

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I was shocked turn around and see a professional photographer capturing the moment, as well as our friends and random people on the walkway cheering. May 2nd, 2017 was the best day of my entire life, and I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Meghan Marvin
 | Photographer