Marcin and Lisette

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How We Met

I had just ended a relationship and my friends forced me to go out which I had zero interest in going out. I was having a couple drinks at an ocean view lounge in Santa Monica, CA and had no interest in meeting any women that night and wanted to go home asap.

After being there an hour I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life at the other side of the lounge. I didn’t even say anything to my friends and just walked away from the group and went up to her without thinking.

I had asked kindly and said “I saw you dancing and would like to ask if you can save a dance for me”

Rejection #1 – No I am not interested

Me – “You are dancing with your friend and all I ask for is one dance”

Rejection #2 – Its girls night and I am dancing with her , no men.

Me – “I am being a gentleman and just asking for a dance….. If you dont want to dance, may I buy you a drink.

Rejection #3 – No Its her birthday and I am not interested in dancing with you.

Me – ” Ignored her and went to her friend …. Its your birthday, we have to do birthday shots!!!! – She of course said hell ya!

That night she was visiting and I walked her and her friend to there hotel. When the friend went to sleep she came downstairs by the fireplace and we chatted till 6:00am.

how they asked

Lisette always told me… If you ever propose, I need to have my hair, nails, makeup and in a pretty dress so I had to get very creative.

6 months before proposal I told her my credit card offers a free photo shoot in Laguna Beach , CA or Paris, France. She said obviously let’s not do it in the state we live in and do it Paris while we are on vacation.. I right there I knew she would be clueless.

Our Europe trip was to visit Paris, Greece and Italy I told her that my friends from childhood are going to meet us in Paris and that since its so expensive in Paris we got a 1 bedroom airbnb with 6 beds. I was able to see she was pissed but at the same time understanding..

While we were driving from the airport to the “airbnb” I was scaring her that the Airbnb has a shared bathroom, that there are gates in the windows and I dont know how safe it is where we are staying..She was panicking..

Little did she know shes going to stay at a Park Hyatt Vendome a 5 star hotel with 0 friends attending. When we pulled up to the hotel she was blown away and told me she was so scared to go to this “airbnb” and couldnt believe I got us this hotel.. I told her its only for 1 night and that the rest of the nights we are going to stay with my friends in the “airbnb”.

The next morning we had our “photoshoot” planned for 8 am and she was excited to get photos of paris because we both suck at taking photos on trips. When we arrived we met with our photographer alex and we started in the Trocadero Garden. After 25 minutes of taking fun photos we walked by the water with the eiffel tower in the background. I bought fake rose pedals and told her I saw awesome pics when girls threw it in the air and turned around so we should do it as well and little did she know this is where I dropped on one knee and proposed.

After I proposed we had a beautiful breakfast and gave her the other secret that zero friends are coming to meet us and that we are staying in our hotel the whole trip!

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