Marcia and Ryan

How We Met

I met Ryan when I was 14 years old when our fathers became good friends. Our fathers eventually started a business together and all of their kids did work on the building they were renovating. Over time we became friends, and then best friends and then crushes. Each day that we got to go to that building, working and painting he was working on me. We started dating when I was 16. We dated through high school and then through college. This year we took a walk in a park near a carousel and went over a lighted bridge and he proposed. It was amazing and nothing went according to his plan but that is kind of our style at this point. Our relationship is built on a strong friendship from a closely-knit childhood. This photo is of us about a month after we started dating.

Marcia's Proposal in Downtown Oklahoma City

How They Asked

The proposal came as a complete surprise to me! The Myriad Gardens and Sky Dance Bridge have been a special place for us since the beginning. The first “couple” pic we took so many years ago was just a few feet from the bridge and Mo’s carousel in the gardens. This place has been where so many milestones and dates have taken place for us. I’m grateful that my fiancé saw the same meaning in this location as I did. We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together and keep hitting milestones in our relationship with a connection to our roots.

Proposal Ideas Downtown Oklahoma City

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Downtown Oklahoma City

Special Thanks

Abby Hall
 | Photographer
Rebekah Clemmons
 | Planning