Marcelo and Janelle

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Miguel Torres, Curicó, Chile

How We Met

I have had a secret crush on Marcelo since I first saw a photo of him on social media 4 years ago. His name was brought up in a conversation with friends, and one of the girls showed me a picture of him. I can remember feeling an instant attraction to his big green eyes and infectious smile.

A couple of years went by and for some reason, I couldn’t get his name or that smile out of my head. We have a lot of mutual friends on social media, and photos with him in it would continuously appear on my newsfeed – selfies, group shots, etc. My crush turned into a platonic love, and as I am usually a very realistic person, I kept it to myself.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Miguel Torres, Curicó, Chile

Although this made me feel silly, I didn’t like the thought of dating someone else, because in the back of my mind I kept thinking “what would happen if I did meet Marcelo in person one day?” I took a few different trips down to various countries in South America, and our paths almost crossed more than once, but just not quite!

As fate would have it, friends of ours fell in love and got engaged to each other. The wedding was to be held in her homeland of Austria. I was invited to this, and although I didn’t want to have false hopes, I couldn’t help crossing my fingers and willing him to be there as well! Maybe I would finally meet my crush ?

The day finally arrived. I walked into the large hall filled with tables, texting a friend of mine who had invited me to a seat beside her. I found her, and to my shock, he was sitting at the table right behind ours. Our eyes met and locked, and I swear I could almost touch the electricity I felt in the space between us. The mutual connection was immediate; I struggled to not be too obvious as I would glance behind me from time to time if only to catch a glimpse of the way his eyes lit up or the way he laughed with his friends.

Later that evening, he invited me to walk with him. Tell me I’m crazy, but the full moon and clear sky full of stars seemed to shine brighter than I’d ever seen before, making flashlights unnecessary. We spent some time getting to know one another and exchanged numbers. Today he tells me he can hardly recall what we talked about, but I can remember every word. At one point he took my hand and told me my hands were ice, and on our way back, he offered me his jacket like a true gentleman.

We both returned home; me to Toronto, Canada and him to Santiago in Chile. Months went by and we texted and FaceTimed every day. We connected on so many levels and I quickly realized this man was much more amazing than I had ever expected, with a heart of solid gold.

When I flew to Santiago to meet him a few months later, my dad joined me and we spent the day together with Marcelo and his mom. I have a close relationship with my dad and he wanted to be sure he could trust this man with his daughter, which was understandable as I was flying to a foreign country to meet a man he didn’t know much about and hadn’t had a chance to meet before! The pair of them hit it off right away and instantly became friends. I was sold! If my dad was so comfortable with him in such a short amount of time, what more could I ask for?! It wasn’t too long before we both realized we were true soulmates.

We continued our distance relationship by text, calling, FaceTime and visits as often as we could.

How They Asked

Fast forward to February 2019, and I flew down to Santiago again, to spend 2 weeks together with my love and his family. At one point he asked me to attend a business meeting at a vineyard with him, he sells wine for his father’s company and said that he needed to attend a tour to learn about the new brand and different types they would sell. I agreed, and he told me to wear a dress or something to fit the ‘business casual’ attire.

The next day, we attended the tour and had a great time touring the beautiful winery of Miguel Torres, learning about the process of production and taking pictures in the gorgeous vineyards. At the end of the tour, our guide told us to put on blindfolds and we would have a blind taste test and have to guess which types of wine they were. She led us into the wine cellar, and once they closed the doors, I felt Marcelo take my hands. He began reading me the most beautiful letter I had ever heard, which made tears roll down my cheeks underneath my blindfold. At the end of the letter he told me to remove my blindfold, and amidst the tears blinding my vision, I saw the man of my dreams on one knee, candles in the shape of a heart around us, and balloons spelling “will you marry me?” On the wine barrels beside us.

I have never had to answer an easier question. Most people shy away at the thought of getting married young, but it excites me, even more, to think we can spend even more years together as a married couple!