Marcella and Max

How we Met: It was a random Friday afternoon and I was in my backyard trying to catch some sun before a date I had that night. My aunt who lives right next door, climbed the fence and came over to hang out with me. Like every other family member she felt obligated to set me up on dates and find me a potential husband. Little did we know that my life was about to change that very day.

My aunt happened to be on Facebook and saw a post where a friend was looking to set their sister up with a guy and was asking if someone had a single friend in mind who was also looking. Scrolling through all the comments, my aunt saw a girl who commented that she had someone. Her comment caught my aunt’s eye and she said, “I’m going to message her!” After screaming, “No!” and “Why?” back and forth for a few minutes I finally agreed.

I left my aunt to take care of business while I went inside to get ready for my date. An hour later, I received a phone call that I had a blind date set for Sunday. Blind date??? Do people still do those these days I thought. I refused and didn’t want to go, though deep down I had a good feeling about it. Fast forward a few hours, I agreed. I was promised that he too didn’t know anything about me, what I looked like or knew my name.

Being that I was so nervous and excited about my date Sunday, I couldn’t help but be antsy that night and ended my date early. Plus, I had a very big day a head of me the next morning– Outfit hunting!

Saturday came and went and Sunday was finally here! Who would have thought I was about to get ready for my last first date ever. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him. Tall, dark, blue eyed, warm smile handsome man. The connection was instantaneous and mutual. From that day on we’ve been inseparable. He too was hesitant about meeting me and refused to go. His sister-in-law, who was the girl from the Facebook post promised him that she found his wife and he had to go and meet me. And he agreed (yay!).

how they asked: I’ve always been a believer of the saying, “It is what it is.” Whatever was meant to happen would, and I always promised myself to be okay with whatever came my way because it was meant to be. My friends and family laughed at me and always poked fun at my saying. On our second date, while talking about something, Max said, “Okay, it is what it is.” I looked at him in shock and asked him what he just said. He laughed and repeated, “it is what it is.”

I must have had the goofiest look on my face from all the excitement I was feeling at that moment. I told him how much I love that saying and say it all the time. He laughed at me and told me I was crazy and that it was his saying all along. Deep down, I know he too thought it was so cool that we both use that same saying all the time. Since we started dating we have added quite a few items to our collection with the saying on it. Cheesy, I know….

Living in New York my entire life it had always been a tradition to visit the Rockefeller Christmas tree each year with my family. I must have told Max about this tree a million times and how much I love it. He promised to take me at some point before the year was over. For someone who is always with it, I was so oblivious to every hint of him planning our engagement by the tree.

Image 1 of Marcella and Max

December 17th, he proposed. It was the proposal that every girl dreams of and so much more. For weeks he had me guessing what he had gotten me for New Year’s but he wouldn’t budge and tell me what it was. As we got into the city, parked the car and were about to make way he handed me a little bag and said, “This is your gift, BUT you can only open it as we get closer to the tree.”

Image 2 of Marcella and Max

Image 3 of Marcella and Max

Image 4 of Marcella and Max

I of course started shaking the bag and asked him a million questions about what was inside. As we get closer to the tree, he stopped and said, “Okay, you can open it now.” As I ripped open the bag, and found a christmas tree ornament inside, with the saying, “it is what it is,” all around, Max got down on one knee. In the background was a violinist and a girl singing “Will you marry me?” by Jason Derulo. The proposal as if out of a movie! I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

I’m marrying my best friend and the love of my life next year– it is what it is!!!