Marcela and Jorge

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How We Met

May the truth be told, we met on Tinder! but we appeared on our feed because of our common friends on Facebook, that’s why he chose to talk to me on the first place, that’s when we realized that we were from the same town, go figure that we would meet in another city!

On our first date he took me to the mall to look for some new shoes (not your typical first date), but I gladly did because I thought he was so handsome! After that we went to grab some dinner and the talk was really pleasant, since then we kept going on dates until he asked me to be his girlfriend, almost 2 months later.

how they asked

My boyfriend was planning a surprise for our second year anniversary, that was the perfect excuse! At this point of the relationship everyone I knew asked me when I was going to get married, I always said I had no idea and that I wanted it to be a surprise and didn’t wanted to get a wrong idea or get my hopes up, but I secretly suspected a little.

He told me he was going to dress fancy, so I did too, and that was the only clue he gave me about the surprise. He picked me up and then we arrived to a mansion, when I saw the entrance I could not believe my eyes, it was so beautiful and I got really, really nervous, I thought “this can’t just be for our two year anniversary, it’s too much”.

When we got out of the car a photographer started to take us pictures, I could barely move!! I was too shocked. We got inside the mansion and they served us a fancy dinner and there were two musicians to liven up the moment, it was the perfect romantic dinner! As the evening passed I began to feel more relaxed and got the idea of a proposal out of my head.

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Marcela's Proposal in Mansión VoloPapilio, Ciudad de México

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The dinner was almost over, we were just missing the dessert, when the host told us they were gonna show us the whole mansion, which we agreed. We got out to the garden, where they had this little table setting with some candles, they began to tell us that they had a tradition there in the mansion where we had to make some wishes as we light up each candle, after lighting the candles my boyfriend grabbed a sheet and said he had choose a poem for me and he was going to read it to me, the poem was by Pablo Neruda, I listened as he recited the poem, at this point I was very nervous, he finished the poem and said “I love you so much, Marcela” then he got on his knee, “Will you marry me?” I instantly began to cry, it felt like when you are sleeping and you don’t know if you are dreaming or awake, it was beautiful and perfect!!

Marcela and Jorge's Engagement in Mansión VoloPapilio, Ciudad de México

We got inside to continue the mansion “tour” and when they opened a door for us there was our whole family all gathered up! it was the perfect close to the evening, I started crying again, everyone I care the most about was there.

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