Marcela and Christian

Image 1 of Marcela and Christian

I woke on Tuesday November 24, 2015 like I did any other day. It really was a normal day. I woke up and went to have breakfast with my sisters. Christian and I were texting back and forth like we normally do, he wasn’t acting weird at all (which you think you would if you were going to propose that night!) At around 6 I left for rehearsal. It was a long rehearsal, I got out at around 9:45pm and was so tired. Driving home I got a call from my older sister asking if I can pick her up food on my way home. I was so annoyed! I didn’t understand why she was asking me to do it (little did I know they were setting up my dream proposal) Christian was at my house already because he told me he wanted to watch the football game (he does this every week so it was normal) as I’m getting closer I start feeling weird (I have this good intuition!) I pull into my driveway and my older sister is there with my dog. I get off the car and she starts screaming his name and he runs to me. I pick him up to go inside but she said we had to go through the back because the front door was broken, which was true. I walk towards the backyard gate and my heart starts racing, like it knew what was about to happen. I walk in and there’s lights and candles everywhere. I see him and the huge sign that reads those amazing four words “Will You Marry Me” I couldn’t help but cry.

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I walk up to him and I swear there was music playing in my head! He kneels down and says “My baby, how would you like to spend forever with me.” Yes!!! I kiss him and hug him and turn around and see my sisters (who helped him plan this amazing night!) my best friends, my mom and his best friends! It was magical. I’m still smiling and I don’t think I will ever stop!

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