Marce and Andrés

How We Met

We were friends but not so close friends, we met each other more than 10 years ago and never though we would be the love of our lives.

Both of us were in a relationship but on 2014 the two of us were single and any given day we start talking by facebook messenger and realized our offices were just 4 blocks away. There were no more than a few days when he asked me to go out with him. We were going to dinner but we stopped at his appartment and he has everything set for a lovely date including red wine and cheese. We talked and talked until we realized how similar we were, we spent hours talking and when we realized it was more than 2 in the morning. Since that day, there has not been a single one in which we do not talk or be together.

At that time, I was about to make a 1-month trip to Europe; however, all the time I was there, we were in communication and on July 1, 2014, the day I returned from my trip, he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. He has been my biggest support, because only a month after being in a relation I had to go through a very complicated cervical surgery and many months to recover. He was the one who helped me get ahead, who made my food, gave me my medicine, helped me to get up of my bed, he took me to physical therapy, he helped me in EVERYTHING!!! That’s when I understood he was “the one” and I never wanted to be away from him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Love Hotel at Guadalajara

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Love Hotel at Guadalajara

how they asked

After 4 years of datting and 2 of happily living together, this last spring we were going to the engagement party of Andrés best friend who told us to save that day almost a month before.

When we arrived to a beautiful boutique hotel, Andrés asked for his friend and the guys from the hotel told us they were at the rooftop.

When the elevator opened, the rooftop was beautifully decorated and had an amazing view of the city but the surprise came when I realized the table was set just for two and a little box was waiting there.

In that moment he PUT ON HIS KNEE, pop the question and all the flashes started because my brother and a friend were on the top of the building taking pictures of the beautiful moment!!

After that, they told us they were leaving us alone for dinner. But another surprise came when we finished our delicious dishes because all of our closest friends came to celebrate in an intimate party.

I was in shok for everything Andrés planned since some months ago without me knowing what was happening.

Special Thanks

Paco Preciado
 | Photographer
Germán Fernández
 | Photographer