Marcae and Brandon

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How We Met

I had just moved to Alabama and didn’t know anyone except all of my teacher friends, who are all married or in serious relationships. One of my friends told me about a dating website, Plenty of Fish. I was never about dating websites but she sold me on it. I met a guy named Brandon. The funny thing is that when I was little I always imagined myself with a “prince” and his name was Brandon too. Brandon lived in a small town and was moving within the next few months to Huntsville for Engineering school. We snap chatted to make sure we both were real and not fake since we both were new to this online dating thing. We started talking and decided to meet up at a local sports bar, Drakes because we had a lot in common. It was love at first sight. We hit it off and had a great time! However, I left for the summer to go back home to my family and we didn’t see each other for three months! I told my mom about him and she was in all that his name was Brandon because she would always listen to how my “prince” is Brandon from when I was younger. We still texted and snap chatted through out the summer and we were both excited to see each other again. I got back to Huntsville and he moved there around the same time. We went to Drakes again and from there we were inseparable! We started dating October 15, 2014 and knew that we were going to be together forever! We moved in with each other, got our first dog, and started our lives together. Almost two years later he popped the question!

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how they asked

My parents just got a beach house in Jensen Beach, Florida and raved about how spectacular it is down there. Brandon and I have been meaning to get down there but with his school and my teaching, it made it almost impossible to get some free time. However, we both had Fall Break at the same time and my parents were going to be in Florida during that time too! So we decided that it would be the perfect time to go! Little did I know, Brandon and my parents were secretly planning the proposal together. We drove 13 hours to get there and were planning on staying Wednesday through Sunday. There was a storm coming in called “Hurricane Matthew” but we all agreed that it was just going to be a little storm and we would be fine. We got there Wednesday morning around 4AM and were exhausted! We spent the entire day by the pool and the beach and it was absolutely perfect! The wind was picking up and so was Hurricane Matthew! We were now under a voluntary evacuation and everything was shutting down. But we didn’t let that bother us because we “had a lot to look forward to” is what Brandon kept saying. I love pictures so my parents agreed to take some pictures of us on the beach because it looked like it was going to be one of the better days at the beach for the week.

We went down to the beach and while my parents were taking pictures Brandon turned to me and got down on one knee.

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I was in total shock! I have been waiting for this day for my entire life and it was actually happening and I was stunned! Of course I said YES!

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I couldn’t stop smiling and neither could he! Of course my mom was crying! It was so special that he proposed to me but to have my parents there, who are my best friends, to share this special moment made it even more perfect! The top of my ring was his Grandmother’s who he was very close to, which made it even more spectacular. We celebrated with champagne and dinner! We went to bed and woke up at about 8AM to Hurricane Matthew howling right at our front door. Now Jensen Beach was under a mandatory evacuation and it looked like it was coming right for us! We all decided that it was best for us to go home and be safe. I mean I wanted to be engaged longer then just one day! We drove 13 hours back that day to Huntsville. So we drove longer then we actually stayed, which was a lot of time being engaged in a car to say the least. Thank Hurricane Matthew. Who can say they got engaged in the middle of a hurricane in Florida?

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