Marc and Shandri

How We Met

It was Saturday, September 12th, 2015, I was a Co-Manager for Journeys Shoe Co. She and her mother walked into my store just to glance around and possibly find some footwear to purchase. I introduced myself asked her if she was looking to buy anything in particular while directing her to our Converse and Vans wall. She then asked to see some lo-top black classic Converse for her and her mother. I brought the sneakers out for them, as I helped them with what they needed. I then continued to help other customers, but before I did, I dropped a subtle compliment on what she was wearing which was that I loved how she matched the stones on her sandals with the stones on her necklace.

After helping the other customers I came back to make sure everything was okay as far as fit and size of the sneakers. I then stirred up a conversation, threw in a few jokes then proceeded to ring her up at the register. She then asked a few questions where it was that she wanted to help me progress into a professional office setting. During this time her mom tells me that her daughter was “flirting” with me which I did not think any of the sort. She told me to look up the website for the profession she was suggesting to where her mom told her to just give me her number. So she gave me her direct contact info, I finished ringing her up, told her how I cook, clean, wash, and work, basically advertising myself! I threw in the joke that I didn’t need to worry about getting mom’s approval because she already had met me and it seems as if I already did. I later that night I contacted her we spoke about tons of different things and what started as her helping me build something better career-wise turned into an amazing love story.

how they asked

It was a gloomy Sunday, October 7th, overcast clouds, misty air even, but that wasn’t enough to make me reconsider the day I had planned ahead for my then girlfriend. I first wanted to just give her an early anniversary gift but last minute I thought to myself it’s time to switch up these plans. It first started with a surprise carriage ride tour through Central Park.

Our driver rode us around different landmarks of the park and gave us small details on what each highlighted part we visited. From the who, the what, to which movie or tv show it was featured in. After our tour, we then met up with my photographer and went on to ride a vintage taxi known as The Checkered Cab. I asked to be parked along 72nd Central Park West to then have a short photo shoot. From there we went on to continue to take pictures in front of the American Museum of Natural History. By this time the sun was coming out and it all fell perfect for what I wanted to do next. The feeling that we already had of being overjoyed and basically that lovey-dovey hearts around our faces type of feeling was something I did not want to end that day.

With the weather now on my side and all the feelings in place, it was time to make the next big move and take that leap of faith. Three years ago (10/23/15) I made Shandri my girlfriend on the famous Bow Bridge of Central Park, what I had planned for this day was going to bring our entire relationship full circle. I brought her over to the Loeb Boathouse to rent out a rowboat.

I rowed all the way to the bridge where it all began, spoke my feelings, professed my love, even went on Instagram live to announce my news to all my family and friends (honestly it was really to calm my nerves down).

After fully expressing myself noticing she was distracted and had no clue what was about to happen next, I pulled the ring out and popped the question. Tears came down her eyes a huge smile on her face with maybe a second, two, or three she looked up into my eyes and said yes! I quickly put the ring in her finger and gave her a kiss to which was received by a handful of spectators cheering and shouting from the bridge in congratulatory sound.

I now report back to my base in Abilene, Texas (I am a part of the United States Air Force) to start in processing and then return next month and marry the love of my life.

Special Thanks

Luis Pineda
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring