Marc and Hannah

How We Met

We met in Lebanon randomly at a beach club. She was visiting with some Lebanese friends and I approached her, chatted with her, and invited her to d”?We went to dinner at a sushi place in Beirut. She tried to be polite by only eating 2 pieces. Now that I’ve known her for 3 years, I know that this was an act. She is a huge lover of food and this is one thing that brings us together. The rest is history!

How They Asked

Marc and Hannah’s proposal in New York City was all about highlighting future plans (and doing so in a STUNNING way!) We wanted to represent their living room a few years down the road, with three pairs of shoes for their three (future) kids.

Next to the fireplace was a basket with two scrapbooks, one labeled “Where We’ve Been” and highlighting all of their previous memories, and one marked “Where We’re Going” and highlighting their future plans together. The last page of the “Where We’re Going” scrapbook was a blank page labeled “The Proposal” for the day’s occasion. Perhaps the best part of the proposal, however, was that their two dogs were a part of the proposal! One dog wore a “Will You Marry Me?” bandana, while the other wore the ring around her collar.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Danielle Elizabeth Inc
 | Photographer