Marc and Bailee

how we met

I met Bailee July 4, 2015 at a small get together one of my best friends was having. It was her birthday and she was visiting from Arizona with her friend who was dating my friend. We were all enjoying the day playing drinking games, taking whiskey shots and playing beach volleyball. She was an ex-volleyball player and I was really trying to impress her with my mediocre-at-best volleyball skills. The day was going great and I was trying to talk to her and get her to laugh as much as I could.. Later in the day we were starting to get very hungry. Luckily I had brought some marinated carne asada and some tortillas. Bailee, me, and another friend went down to the grill by the pool where I grilled the meat while we sipped some coronas with our feet in the spa and talked. To this day we still talk about how it was the carne asada that won her over. The day quickly turned into night and we found ourselves on the balcony sharing a blanket while watching the fireworks going off over the ocean. Everyone else slowly started to go to bed until we were the last ones up. She was telling me how she loved the purple fireworks and I had waited all night for the perfect moment to make a move. I finally worked up the courage and went in for the kiss. It was an amazing first kiss under the fireworks and all I could think was I didn’t want this to be the last time I saw her. The next morning we drank our coffee while sharing a blanket on the balcony again. I kept waiting for the perfect time to ask for her number but her and her friend were quickly getting ready to leave as they had a long drive back to Arizona ahead of them. My friends and I walked them to their car and at about the last second I asked for her number as I was giving her a hug. We exchanged numbers and I hoped I’d see her again soon. We started texting about ten minutes later and we haven’t stopped ever since!

how they asked

Is it possible to have a hand in setting up your own proposal, and have no idea about any of it? Some would say I’m silly to not see it coming but Marc was really just that good. As my then-boyfriend, Marc contacted a photographer friend of ours from a past photoshoot and asked his assistance in photographing the surprise proposal. Coincidentally, I too had reached out to our photographer (Viet Le) simply to compliment his amazing success. The boys decided to use this opportunity to play off my message to Viet and turn it into another photoshoot. I was under the impression that I had just landed us another photoshoot because he “needed models” when in reality, the whole conversation was planted by Marc! The date, the location, and the morning were all planned around a music festival we were attending in San Diego and Viet “coincidentally” wanted to shoot more San Diego locations. Thinking to myself that stars really do align that way, I bought a new dress, watched some makeup tutorials, and put some curls in my hair to get ready for the “photoshoot”. Never once did it cross my mind that he had a ring in this back pocket that morning. We arrived at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego at 9am on September 16th to see another style shoot in session with gorgeous flower setups overlooking the water. Since our photographer already discussed the surprise proposal about to happen, they were thrilled to let us use the setup for photos. Knowing how nice California people are, I didn’t think anything of it besides “that’s so nice”! We were perfectly in place under a stunning arch with flowers when Marc took half a step back, held my arms, and said “Bailee” with a smile that quickly reached his eyes.

All it took were those three things for me to know exactly what would happen, and exactly what I would say. After a loving and tender speech, he got down on one knee and said the most beautiful sentence I’d ever heard, “Will you marry me?”

But I didn’t answer. I had already dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around him just looking for lips to kiss. Somewhere around then I remember to say “yes” and stood back on my feet to let him slide the ring on my finger.

Marc had designed the ring himself and once it was on, and I held it up to my face, I almost dropped to my knees all over again. It has a breathtaking central oval diamond with two circular diamonds to the side of it on a dainty rose gold band with peekaboo diamonds covering the bridge. Everyone who sees it says “it’s so you!” and I couldn’t agree more!

We giggled, hugged, kissed, and played with the word “fiancĂ©” before starting the actual photoshoot that would then be used as our engagement photos! Meanwhile, I spent the entire time thinking to myself “I actually get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man!!”

Special Thanks

Le Vie Photography