Marbetty and Daniel

How We Met: Ten years ago, Dan and I met at my cousin’s high school graduation party, it was the end of our junior year. We emailed back and forth for a while and became good friends. By the end of senior year we still didn’t have any dates to our prom, so we decided to go together not knowing they were on the same night. We went to his prom and my after prom party so we could see all of our friends. That’s when we really started liking each other.

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We hung out a few times that summer and started dating. Through college we stayed friends but went our separate ways.

After a few years, I moved to Cambodia to teach and stayed for two years. During that time apart we realized we were meant to be together! Dan decided to fly around the world to get to me and bring me home! I knew we were going to be inseparable. As soon as I picked him up at the airport I fell in love all over again. We traveled all over Cambodia, I took him to the beaches, the temples and the countryside. It was an absolutely amazing time.

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When I returned I became a bridal consultant, helping other brides find the perfect dress and putting together details for their special day. Dan is a videographer and editor, and often does weddings. So we usually talked about the details of other people’s wedding day, what we liked, how cute things were, etc. Little did I know Dan was planning to propose soon and we would be planning our own wedding!

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how they asked: On June 18th 2015, Dan picked me up bright and early and took me to a pottery place. After about an hour of playing with clay together, he said we had plans for lunch so we headed to a park. When we got there he changed into a nice shirt and pulled out a picnic basket, I was so excited! It had rained all morning so we headed down to the beautiful amphitheater.

He said before we could eat he had a gift for me. He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand. I opened my eyes while he wasn’t looking but then he caught me. When I closed my eyes again he handed me a spoon with our names engraved and the date we met 6-18-05, it was exactly 10 years to the date! We always clink our spoons before we eat, kind of like a cheers.

I was so over joyed that he remembered the date. Next he said we were celebrating our “tinfinity” and threw confetti all over. He showed me how to use the confetti sticks so that I would be distracted and when I turned around he was down on one knee with a red box…

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He stayed there for little bit trying to say something but couldn’t. Then he said “Our love is that feels brand New, so I have for you something Borrowed that is a little Blue”. I loved it, but then he paused… for a little bit. Looked at me like he forgot something, then said, “Marbetty… Will you marry me?” and opened the box. Of course I said yes!!!

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After putting the ring on my finger, he showed me another spoon. I was so excited because now we can clink like we always do. I was surprised to see this one say “Will you marry me?” and had a “yes” or “no” check box. We clinked spoons and then he told me to look over next to the shed in the distance. When I asked him why, he told me that he has his co workers filming the whole thing! It was all so wonderful and unexpected. After the camera crew left we walked around the park for a little, just the two of us where he started telling me all the moments that I almost found out about his proposal in the past two months. It was absolutely fantastic!

Videographer: Stratagem Pictures