Maquita and Eric

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How We Met

Eric & Maquita met via Facebook in 2009 courtesy of Eric’s revenge plot to get back at a mutual friend who started courting someone that Eric was also interested in. Eric saw that their friend had recently commented on Maquita’s facebook wall, decided to send her a friend request, and the rest was history. The two soon began dating each other, traveling the world and enjoying life.

how they asked

In November of 2015 they were all packed and ready to travel to Paris, France & Maquita was so sure that Eric would ask her to marry him while on the trip. Those plans however were foiled by the tragic terror events that unfolded in the city just two days prior to their scheduled departure. The couple was obviously devastated however were also relieved to have not already been abroad during such a horrific time. They cancelled all travel plans and Maquita put her hopes of a fairy-tale proposal on hold with that…until the day of their housewarming when surrounded by all of their family & friends, Eric got down on one knee & asked Maquita to be his wife! They are now enjoying life as an engaged couple, planning for an April 2017 wedding.

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