Maquel and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I met back when i was 15 years old! I went over to his house, because my boyfriend at the time was friends with his little brother! i walked right past josh, not even noticing him. shortly after, he grabbed his brother and said, “who is that girl!? tell her to come back here!”… so i did, acting like the sassy 15 year old i was, i responded with, “what do you want from me?” we proceeded to have a long conversation, he made up a bunch of lies about himself, that i believed, told me he was a college man, lived in africa for 2 years, and drives a sports car….. none of it was true.

a couple months later, school started, and i ran into him in the halls, and realized all he had told me was a LIE!!! we ended up hitting it off, falling in love, and dating for about a year, until he left for 2 years to go serve an LDS mission in New York at 18 years old! the only form of communication we had was through letters. we would write each other every single week for 2 years, we stayed loyal to each other, even from 2,000 apart, and were sooo in love.

He finally came home 2 years later, and we were excited and as in love as ever, but not quite ready to get married at such a young age, so we waited 3 years, and here we are now, about to get married, and eager as ever to start eternity together!

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how they asked

He drove me up to a park in the mountains we used to always go to star gaze. there was candles lit in a pathway, with rose petals, old photos of us as teenagers, and a fire at the end. It was lightly snowing, and he had one of our songs playing in the background.

He began to tell me how he always loved me, he chose me a long time ago, and I’m still his choice. there is a deep connection between us that could never be broken. He kneeled down, and proposed!!!! I began to sob like a baby, and of course said YES!! :)

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Special Thanks

Michelle Taylor
 | Maylily Photographer