Manuella and Michael

Image 1 of Manuella and Michael

How We Met

TINDER LOVE STORY!!! Mikey and I swiped right on each other about two years ago. From the very first date, we just “knew.” We moved in together shortly after dating. A lot of people doubted us and thought it was “too soon,” but we really believed in what we have. We recently got a dog and love to travel from place to place. I am a middle school teacher and Mikey works in sales.

How They Asked

I am a middle school teacher and he planned out the whole proposal for the day before I went back to work. He asked me to dress “nicely” and said that we were going someplace special. We arrived at the very first place we met; a hiking trail with beautiful views. We walked around for a while and as we approached a bridge, I noticed he began to walk slowly. As he grabbed my hand, I knew what was about to happen! He had my best friend follow us and take pictures of the entire thing!

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Special Thanks

Alexandra Wilt
 | Photographer