Manuel and Karen

How We Met

Manuel and I went to the same med school, he was one year above my class, but we never actually spoke until November 2011. We started talking in the hospital when we had one night shift together in the Internal Medicine service. I was mesmerize by his sense of humor, energy and kindness with the patients he was in charged of. I remember our first conversation topic was music and at that moment I didn’t have any music on my smartphone so I asked him to send me screenshot of his playlist so I can have some good music too. (You know what they said, when you share your iPod library music, is like sharing your diary) And after that day we started chatting every day. And so the story begins…

Manuel and Karen's Engagement in Hanging Garden Trail, Page, AZ

how they asked

We decided on January 2017 to make a road trip during Manuel’s vacations, our plan was to land in Las Vegas and from there drive to Page, AZ to be able to see the Antelope canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Bryce canyon, Grand canyon and Zion National Park. And so we did. In our first stop we decided to do some hiking, we went to this trail named Hanging Garden. Close to Page. As we were walking holding hands and taking pictures, we got to the end of the trail. A good friend of mine, lent me her professional camera, so I was taking pictures of everything. Manuel told me “Hey! look there’s something shiny on the floor!”, I came closer and started asking what was it? I thought there was an animal or something because he took a long time to reply, and suddenly he got in one knee and asked me to marry him. I was the happiest woman on earth. I said “100 times yes!”

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