Mansi and Dipit

Mansi and Dipit's Engagement in Bedell Cellars

How We Met

Where do I even begin….Dip & I met during the summer of 2009 through mutual friends. He decided to ask me out on a date knowing that I was not ready to get into a relationship with anyone. Little did I know that this would be my first and my last date. When you are with someone for 8+ Years, you witness their best, their worst, and everything in between. We dated throughout High School, and without pre – planning ended up at the same college: Hofstra University. 4 years flew by and nothing changed how we felt about one another. On October 20, 2017…the love of my life asked me to be his wife. Although I knew that one day I would marry this man, I did not see it coming. He is graduating from New York Law School in May 2018 and to my knowledge he wanted to wait until he was done school to take this step in our lives. I am not easy to surprise so when he told me to pack for a post birthday celebration I did not suspect anything. Little did I know, that from this day onwards I would forever be linked to my one and only. From the dreamy proposal and the STUNNING ring to the AMAZING surprise proposal party he planned for me …I can easily say that it was one of the best days of my life. He managed to gather 120+ of our closest friends & family to celebrate this milestone in our lives. No words can describe the type of love we share but a girl can try. Our love is like a catalogue of inside jokes and songs that eternally remind us of firsts and being able to pick food for each other at any restaurant. It’s an encyclopedia of sensory memories, angry crying, pushing buttons just because and eternal frustration. It’s softer moments with ankles habitually crossing without a thought under the covers. It’s subconsciously always doing everything for two. It is if you hurt, I hurt, if you laugh, I laugh. We grow TOGETHER. Who would have thought that I would meet my one and only at the age of 16 and can easily say that I cannot wait to marry my best friend and grow old with the love of my life.

how they asked

He had originally planned to propose to me in Napa, but due to the fires around that time that was no longer an option. So he came up with the next best thing. On October 20th, I was given instructions to get ready and pack an over night bag as he had planned a surprise for my “birthday” (which was earlier that week) I was told that we were going somewhere about 2 hours away and that we would be making three stops along the way (which was a lie). He had hired a driver and told him where we were headed to before I got in the car so that I wouldn’t know where we were headed. Long Island holds a special place in our hearts as we both went to school there and have shared some of our fondest memories there.

So as we approached the Vineyards in Long Island, I thought to myself what a perfect day for some wine with my favorite person. I have been to some of the vineyards in the area so he was nervous as we pulled up to Bedell Cellars hoping that this was not one of them. We started tasting a bunch of different wines and took a private tour of the Cellar. Once we were done with that we were escorted outside where the lady told us to walk around and explore while she has lunch set up for us. So naturally I left him behind and started walking through the vineyard and he said to me, “ Stop walking so fast ….wait for me”.

He completely caught me off guard and took my hand and said said I know you thought I would not be doing this right now but I can’t wait any longer and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My intial reaction was …”omg no what is happening right now” followed by a bucket of tears. Since the whole staff was in on it, they all came outside with champagne and food and our photographer came out of hiding behind the bushes.

Proposal Ideas Bedell Cellars

He walked me over to the table he had set up with the most amazing floral arrangement with our initials from Venus Et Fleur. He had printed and framed some of our most precious moments that we have shared in the past 8 years starting from the first photo we ever took to the last before this day. I was in awe of how much thought and love he had put into this day and I truly felt like the luckiest girl alive. Once we left the vineyard, we were on our way to the city for what I thought was a private dinner but ended up being a surprise proposal party with 120+ of our closest friends and family. I’m truly so blessed and so excited to start this next chapter in our lives!

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