Mannalis and Andrew

Where to Propose in The Philbrook Museum of Art

How We Met

Two years ago I met Manna when I walked into Chick-fil-A to apply for a job. I walked in and asked someone at the front counter for the manager. A few moments later an adorable curly haired manager appeared out of the back of the store. I handed my application to her and we talked for a minute. She told me that I was hired and that is how I met Manna. I never thought I would end up marrying that manager. Over time we became best friends and eventually a relationship developed between us.

how they asked

Manna and I started off September 2nd early with a relaxing morning at her house. We got some brunch at IHOP and then she decided she wanted to get her hair done since we were taking photos later. We had “photos” to take later that day because one of my co-workers is a professional photographer. At least, that is what she thought. We did in fact have photos to take later that day but… There was much more planned that she had no idea about. After getting her hair done for the photos, we ate at The Polo Grill in Utica Square.

Once we ate, Manna almost spoiled the entire day by getting overly suspicious and actually asked me if I was going to propose. I quickly had to defuse the situation and change the topic. Dinner ended and we headed over to the Philbrook Museum of Art. Two other co-workers were waiting for us in the garden, hidden away behind some bushes so that Manna would not see them. When we pulled into the parking lot I saw all of my co-workers cars but played it cool and acted like I had no idea why there were other people there and that I had no idea who they were. We met with the photographer and begun our photoshoot. I was pretty nervous during the photos since I had a huge ring box in my jacket pocket. Finally we went down to the bridge where I was going to “pop the question”.

The photographer went to the other side of the pond and got ready for the big moment. A few moments later I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me. Ten long, painstaking, seconds after I asked for her hand in marriage, she finally said yes! She was so excited and worried how we were going to tell all of our family members before the night was over. She was planning on driving all over the city to everyone’s houses but what she did not know is that there was one more surprise for her. I had organized, with the help of a few family members, an engagement party back at my house. I convinced her to “swing” by my house first and when we walked in she definitely got a surprise. All of our family and closest friends were there to celebrate with her!

Mannalis and ANDREW's Engagement in The Philbrook Museum of Art

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