Manfia and Rayan

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How We Met

Rayan and I have been together for almost 10 years now. We met through our families and started dating during my freshmen year in High school and his junior year. Being typical teenagers, we thought our relationship was too good to be true and broke up within a year. We went our ways but always kept in touch. Even though things seemed to be going fine, something was always missing in both of our lives. After almost a year break we realized that we needed each other to fill that emptiness. We wasted no time and got back together and never looked back ever since.

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how they asked

Being from a very traditional background, we always knew that our wedding would be fixed by our families. We had been talking about getting married and suddenly our families decided to fix a date.

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Even though I knew this was how it would happen, I always dreamt of a surprise proposal and Rayan knew how much I wished I had one. So when we decided to do a pre wedding photoshoot, he took the opportunity and proposed in the middle of the shoot and left me speechless. Could not have imagined a better proposal ❤️