Mandy and Ben

How We Met: Ben and I met attending college together. We didn’t start dating until later in his senior year. We weren’t sure how the relationship would go but we found such an interest in each other. Soon enough, we’re getting ready to go celebrate our two year dating anniversary.

how they asked: We had already exchanged gifts the night before and decided to head up and spend the day in South Lake Tahoe. We had a great lunch at the brewery and then did some shopping. Before the sun set we went out for some chill time on the beach where I had gone camping a bunch before. We were being our goofy selves and he was reading poetry, and I decided that we should take some “timed photos” on my iPhone. We had taken a handful and then all of the sudden he whips out this ring, and I thought he was joking because I didn’t understand where it came from! I somehow nodded yes or muttered a “ya” before full blown tears were happening and a few people on the nearby deck were cheering. My whole heart was overwhelmed with excitement. I cannot wait to start our lives together!!

Image 1 of Mandy and Ben