Mandy and Peter

How We Met

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Our story begins long before we fell in love. Growing up in the same neighborhood and having the same close group of friends throughout our younger years helped strengthen our romantic relationship all those years later. Peter was the boy next door ( not to me, but to our friend Julia whose house I spent a good amount of my adolesence at). He was the guy that would come over and watch Dawson’s Creek with the girls. He was that great guy that was always just a friend. Although our younger years in high school were just hanging out in the same circle of friends, it all led to a night when I was home for the holidays and the whole gang got together for bowling and beers!

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Lots of flirting all night led to a long night of us talking and hanging out in my car in front of his house- like we were kids again. That winter break we spent most of our free time together watching movies, hanging out, getting to re-know eachother as adults. After I went back to Arizona to finish up my 3rd year of graduate school we couldn’t get eachother out of our minds, talking daily, texting, chatting. Finally he made a trip out to visit me around Valentine’s day 2011 and that was when we decided that this was for real and became boyfriend and girlfriend. We did the long distance thing for about 3-4 months while I was doing an internship in Los Angeles, visiting eachother every weekend we could; finally I moved home to the Bay Area June 2011 and we have been inseperable since. He is my best friend and my rock.

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how they asked

It was a beautiful Monday, May 1st,2017, I had the day off of work, as I had just returned the night before from an epic bachelorette party weekend for my bestie Holly in Nash-vegas! Peter’s “weekends” tend to fall on Monday-Tuesday’s, so I thought what a great idea, take extra time off to recover from the bachelorette weekend and spend some quality time with my love and our pups. Our older dog, Logan, was about to turn 11 on May 2nd. We decided that on that Monday the 1st we should take the pups out to the beach for an early birthday celebration for Logan. I was moving pretty slow, getting over the 30 year old hangover blues. Peter woke up bright and early and told me he was going to get us Starbucks at 9:55am and would return at 10:05am and then we would leave for the beach (looking back I realize he has never been so precise with timing ever before and should have been a sign). When he returned from “Starbucks” at 10:15 ( late!)- this seemed to somewhat stress Peter out, which was surprising to me since we never leave on time and the beach ( as far as I knew) wasn’t going anywhere. We finally hit the road, and of course we hit some (mild) traffic which irritated Peter even more. Eventually we made it to our favorite little secluded beach/cove where the pups can run around off leash, swim in the cove, and chase the birdies. As luck would have it, it appeared there was a field trip at our little beach that day. As we are walking around with the pups I can sense Peter’s irritation, as there was more people there an on any day we have gone in the past. Peter was a hoping for a nice quiet moment between the two of us on our favorite beach. He was going to have the dogs fetch their tennis ball and pop the question, the dogs had another idea, they refused to chase the ball on one round of fetch and it drifted off into the Pillar Point Cove. We walk the whole beach of the cove area, at which point I am ready for lunch, I voice this to him and he’s starting to think “I have to do it now” right then- Barley (our younger pup) decides it’s a good time to relieve himself (no. 2). So now we are slowly walking back to our car, Peter with doggy poo bag in hand… as we near the parking lot he all of sudden stops, finds a stick to toss for the dogs, drops the poop bag, turns to me and grabs my hand and says, ” Well this is as good of time as any” Then proceeds to ask me the best question I have ever been asked. Once I snapped back to reality of course I said YES and we had the most perfect few minutes on that beach just us and our pups. A very sweet girl and her boyfriend happened to be walking past and were kind enough to snap a couple photos of us right during the moment. Peter then immediately whisked me away to one of my favorite places: Napa, CA for​ the most perfect continuation of our engagement “weekend”. ​ I could not have asked more a more perfect beginning to our next chapter in our love story.

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