Mandy and Luke

Where to Propose in Honduras

How They Asked

We were stuck on the island of Roatan, Honduras for almost two weeks at this point. Flights weren’t allowed in and the country was under Marshall Law (COVID-19). All beaches, restaurants, and water activities were closed. My now fiancé (aahhh) had been down there for two months getting his dive-master.

I had ZERO clue that the proposal was coming (he didn’t even know I was going to come, visit him). He was sneaky and had his parents bring down the ring. Embarrassing story: I cried to him 4 days prior about not being engaged.

On to the story- he had planned to propose on the beach, but since they were closed down he had to improvise. He also had a photographer planned, but they were from France and had just found out they were getting on a military ship the following morning to leave the country.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Honduras

Despite all that it was still better than I could have dreamed. We were staying in this beautiful home on the ocean with his family. The tip of the roof had a small deck on it. I had been asking Luke all week for pictures, but he’s not a huge pic guy. So the night of the proposal he said, “How about we get dressed up and head up to the roof tonight and we can get some of those nice pictures you’ve been wanting and watch the sunset”. At first, I said let’s just keep on our PJs, but he insisted we change.

To get up to the roof there was a spiral staircase. When I got up there Luke had music playing. I thought it was so sweet because in the summers we dance on the doc at my cabin (land of 10,000 lakes). So I loved the idea of dancing on the roof surrounded by the ocean.

We took some self-timer pics and then I started a video of us dancing. While dancing he pointed out into the ocean and said, “woah! look”. When I turned back around after not seeing anything he was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! I asked if this was real and preceded to say YES! 💍🥰