Mandy and Hunter

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How We Met

I am a born and raised California native and Hunter is a born and raised Tennessee native. Back in California I worked with a friend who’s boyfriend received a baseball scholarship to Tennessee Tech University where Hunter played baseball as well. My friend flew to Tennessee to visit her boyfriend and came back ranting and raving about his friend to me. She showed me pictures of her boyfriends friend (Hunter) and I was in “Awh” needless to say. But, i didn’t think much about it seeing as though we were in two different states rather far away from one another. So we connected on social media and introduced ourselves as best as we could not in person.

We stayed friends for about a year. I started traveling more and more for work and we developed a better relationship and i suggested i come out to Tennessee and visit him. I wasn’t scared to do so since we now had mutual friends. I knew he wasn’t a catfish or some werido! He asked me to be his girlfriend and about a month later i came to Tennessee to basically meet him in person and meet his family and i instantly fell in love. I stayed for about two weeks and went back to CA. A week passed by and I was packing up again to come back out to Tennessee. I then decided i wanted to move to Tennessee and pursue my relationship with who i knew would be my husband. It’s been happily ever after since!

how they asked

I received a call from an event planner in town who said she saw me on the fourth of July and wanted me to model for a wedding brochure, she also asked if Hunter would be willing to be in a couple of photo’s as a groom as well. So we arrive at the shoot and i’m told i need to take a couple pictures in a plane as if i was going off to my honeymoon. I got in this plane and was taken on a ride up in the sky over our beautiful Sequatchie Valley.

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My eyes were filled with tears over just how beautiful my new home really was. We landed back down on the ground and went to a different location to “get pictures in a wedding dress at sunset”. So i was told.. We arrive to a beautiful picnic setting in an open field with the gorgeous view of the farm land in the background. This picnic had all of my favorite rustic farm like decor, along with cupcakes and sunflowers. Which again, are all my favorites.

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I STILL was not putting any of these puzzle pieces together. I figured this was just the common southern style i enjoy so much. Were now again just taking pictures for this “wedding brochure” and Hunter keeps insisting i eat a cupcake. I wasn’t for it because i didn’t want frosting all up in my teeth and makeup! But i take a bite anyway and were laughing at the mess and Hunter grabs a napkin on the ground on one knee and my ring box was in the napkin and he popped the question.

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Hunter put me in a plane, made it a photoshoot so he knew i would be fully ready for the day and had his cousin take me to get my nails done the day before. It could not have been more perfect. I was shocked by it all and so speechless over the time and thought process my now fiancé but into this proposal! Pure perfection!

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Special Thanks

Ruth Murphy
 | Photographer
Becky Johnson
 | Event Coordinator