Mandy and Garrett

How We Met

Garrett and I met during a pretty transitional time in our lives. I had been attending Texas State University and was going through some big life changes, so I began traveling on the weekends to visit my best friend at Texas A&M. My first weekend there I was introduced to Garrett and I can still remember the butterflies I had all night when we talked. We lived in neighboring hometowns growing up, and we both knew of each other from high school, but we never officially met until college. I remember I always thought he was SO handsome, and when we finally met we hit it off right away. I continued to visit on the weekends and the more we got to know each other, the more we realized we didn’t want to be apart. We made it official on July 7, 2013 when I returned from a trip with my girl friends in Colorado. Garrett picked me up from the airport and told me that he never wanted to miss me that much again and made me his girlfriend! We knew very early on that we would be a big part of each others lives, and our entire relationship developed so naturally that moving to the same place seemed like the right choice for us. Since I was ready for a change and knew I could see a future with Garrett, I made the decision to transfer to Texas A&M and the rest is pretty much history!

how they asked

Garrett and I knew we were ready to be engaged, but I was finishing up Undergrad and he was finishing his Masters at Texas A&M. Although we were ready, we decided it was best that we wait until after graduation once we found jobs and were more settled. Little did I know, he had other plans! Since we were both graduating in May, we decided that we should have senior portraits taken over Spring Break. I found my dream photographer (Tracy Enoch) and Garrett seemed to let me take the lead on planning/booking our portraits. I emailed with Tracy many times about the day, where we would go, what we would wear, etc., but Garrett had also been talking with her the whole time!

Fast forward to picture day, the second location of our photos was the Dallas Arboretum. Tracy told us when we got there that there was a garden with beautiful white flowers everywhere, and that we should end our session there since I was wearing a white dress (her clue to Garrett, I had no idea!). We finally made our way to the garden and Tracy suggested that we take a few photos together.

Mandy and Garrett's Engagement in Dallas Arboretum

Garrett came over to me, and this was the first time all day he seemed nervous to me. He grabbed my hands and turned so we were facing each other and began to talk about our journey together from beginning to end.

Where to Propose in Dallas Arboretum

At this point, I realized what was happening and we were both in tears, happy tears!! Garrett got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever, and of course, I said yes!

Proposal Ideas Dallas Arboretum

Tracy was there to capture all of the moments and we actually went to a third location to take some engagement photos.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dallas Arboretum

Our parents met us soon after and we all went out to celebrate. Garrett had also planned a “staycation” for us in downtown Dallas since we were on Spring Break, and it was truly so romantic to spend a few intimate days together following our engagement, we felt like we were dreaming!!

Special Thanks

Tracy Enoch