Mandi and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met the second week of our freshmen year at Kent State University. As soon as we met there was instant chemistry- they say the best kinds of relationships happen unexpectedly and that is definitely the case with us! We spent the next month getting to know each other. On October 4th I came back from class one afternoon to find a note hanging in the middle of my dorm room. The note had a clue on it to the next one, and also something that Nick loves about me. I proceeded to go around the dorm collecting clues and characteristics that Nick loves about me such as my eyes or my laugh. The last clue led me back to my room, when I walked in Nick was holding a sign that said “Be Mine?” Of course I said yes! And little did I know, our whole freshmen floor was “in” on the surprise too! Right away, we could both tell that we had found our other half. We spent the next four years enjoying college and making the most amazing memories together, we both graduated in May of 2015. Image 1 of Mandi and Nick

how they asked

Nick has always known that New Years Eve is one of my favorite Holidays. This year we decided that we wanted to get dressed up and go out, since the past couple years we spent it at one of our parent’s. Once we picked the venue we invited some friends and family. I was so excited that everyone loved the idea and also wanted to come. We ended up having to get two tables at the venue to fit all of our family and friends! We spent the night eating amazing food, dancing to good music and having so much fun. At 11:25 we were all on the dance floor when the DJ asked everyone to make a circle. There were around 500 people there, so this was a very big circle! Nick took my hand and led me into the middle of the dance floor. He knew that I wouldn’t want him to use a microphone for everyone to hear his proposal, and once everyone realized what was about to happen they started cheering so loud that he had to lean closer so I could hear him, then he got down on one knee and proposed! Of course I said yes! The rest of the night was spent celebrating, it was truly the perfect ending to the year and beginning of 2016!

Image 2 of Mandi and Nick

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