Mandi and Ed

How We Met

Ed and I met while working at Human Services. He was hired to manage a campaign on ending homelessness in our county. I managed programs that provided summer camp and food services to children in need. Ed was a few years older than me and had already served 3 tours in Iraq as a Recon Marine. I had recently finished my Masters Degree. I was introduced to him and didn’t think anything of it, just another new employee. My coworkers were always trying to set me up. He tells me now he was checking out my office to see if I was single or not because he thought I was cute. “no ring..check, no pictures of her and a man.. check, lots of pictures of a dog..hmm.” One of my coworkers encouraged me to talk to him because she had spoken to him and found out we had a lot in common. So one day I walked into his office and said, “I heard you use to be vegan?” At the time I was pescatarian. At the moment we connected, talking for almost an hour straight. I loved how he talked about his family and friends. He had such a big heart for people which I loved about him. My birthday was quickly approaching and my best friend invited him to a birthday party she was throwing for me. He arrived with a complete homemade vegan cake. I knew this was no easy task! I was smitten with the red bearded Marine. A few weeks later we were official. My family and friends loved him too. And I knew I finally found my partner for life.

Image 1 of Mandi and Ed


how they asked

On Christmas morning after opening a bunch of strange gifts(squatty potty?) from my handsome Marine, I opened a the last present under the tree that was a watch sized box. While sitting on the floor in front of our Christmas tree I opened the box to find an ornament with the words ” Ed & Mandi” and “Will you marry me?” Printed on the bottom of the ornament.

When I looked up Ed was on one knee with the ring box. It was my best Christmas ever!

Image 2 of Mandi and Ed

Image 3 of Mandi and Ed