Mandi and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met back in college. He said he knew from that first introduction that I was different but I was dating someone else at the time and just sort of put him out of my mind. Fast forward 7 years later our paths crossed again. While he was smitten right off the bat I took a little more convincing. He sent me private messages asking for advice on his house, I’m an interior designer so he thought this was pretty slick, and I would give short answers that would leave no opening for continued conversation. This didn’t stop him. He kept pursuing me and finally after two months of trying he straight up asked for my number. We spent the next months talking on the phone for hours every night getting to know one another and I realized pretty soon there after that I was done. He was it for me.

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how they asked

Brandon and I had plans to meet some best friends of our down in Fredericksburg for a weekend trying to convince them to move down. It had taken us a while to find a good weekend but final settled on Fathers Day weekend. I am a huge family person so it was hard for me to not be with my dad that day but figured I could spend the weekend before with him to celebrate. The week before work was extremely crazy and I was super stressed about leaving early Friday to catch a flight. My coworker kept offering to help me wrap everything up and was saying to just let it all go and have fun this weekend. I didn’t realize till later she knew what was going to happen was pushing me out the door so I wouldn’t be late. When I got to Austin Brandon picked me up from the airport and was smiling ear to ear. He was always excited when I got in town so I didn’t think anything about it. During our drive out west he kept fidgeting with something down in the pocket of the car door, I thought it was weird but he’s always messing with stuff so again I didn’t think anything of it. As we drove through Castell he showed me the local general store that he’s always wanted to take me to but said we were going to go see the Llano river first.

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Along the way we saw some free roam cattle and me being the animal lover I am made him stop so I could try to pet them. I could tell he was getting antsy but I just thought it was because our friends would be getting in town soon and didn’t want to be late. Once we got to the river we got out of the car and I immediately started taking pictures. It was beautiful! After a while of my taking pictures of every single angle, detail and cool looking rock Brandon pulled me over to the side where he had laid a bullet shell of where he wanted to propose. He started giggling uncontrollably. I asked what was so funny and giggling he said “I’m fixin to ask you to marry me.”

He got down on his knee and said the sweetest words and after we had some time to ourselves he asked if I was ready for another surprise.

As I turned I was greeted by a man in the tree behind us. Chuck Roach is an artist from west Texas that on a trip to Marfa we fell in love with. Brandon hired him to come take pictures so he could paint a portrait of the engagement for us to display at the wedding. While I thought this just couldn’t get any better we drove back to the Castell general store where I was greeted by my entire family. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating in Fredricksburg. The weekend could not have been any more memorable or perfect!

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Special Thanks

Chuck Roach
 | Photographer