Mandi and Adam's Engagement in the Sky

How we met: I (Mandi) grew up in Fremont, NE and Adam was two grades older in a neighboring town. Being small town, everyone “knew” everyone but we had never formally met. Three years into college we ran into each other at a local bar where we exchanged “I know you looks” but didn’t speak. A couple of days later, I found him on Facebook and on a random whim chatted him. We chatted all night and Adam invited me to a slowpitch softball tournament the next day. For some crazy reason I said yes, and the rest is history.

how they asked: Adam put a lot of time an effort into my proposal! He made sure to make every element a surprise but also ensured that every moment was captured on video and in pictures. He enlisted the help of our siblings and parents to make my proposal unforgettable. Adam is a pilot so he knew he wanted to ask me in an airplane but didn’t just want to “blurt out” “will you marry me?” So he asked his mother to create a giant banner that read “Mandi, Will You Marry Me?”

Next he asked our siblings if they would be willing to help and hold the sign and he would take me up in a plane and fly over. After asking for my fathers permission, Adam asked me if I wanted to go flying over Omaha and take some photos to give to our family as Christmas gifts. I thought this was a great idea (saves us money on gifts!) When we arrived at the airport, I was so excited to see that he had rented the plane he took me in on our first date. I still was not expecting anything like a proposal! Adam then set up a camera on the inside of the plane. He is still a student so he told me he was going to record his take-offs and landings so that I wouldn’t suspect anything still!

After circling the city and flying over our family members homes, Adam suggested that we fly over our house. Thinking it would be cool to have a photo of our house, of course I just went along with it. At first, I couldn’t find the house and neither could he, but then out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the banner. I had no idea what it was so I started snapping photos. As soon as I realized what I was reading, I looked over and Adam had the most beautiful ring out where he then asked if I would marry him. In shock, I instantly started crying and immediately said “YES!”

The surprises didn’t end there though. When we arrived back at the airport, Adam ran over and hugged me and then got down on one knee. He told me why he wanted to spend forever with me and I just hugged and kissed him! I looked over at the airport and to my surprise, he had asked all of my parents and his to be there and greet us! After hugs and tears, he then told me his last surprise and that was that he had reserved a room at a local restaurant where our extended family and siblings were waiting for us! He went above and beyond to give me a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.