Mandeep and Peter

how we met

Destiny. We were both on vacation and was love at first sight! I live in Australia and she lives in London, and after a year of calls, messages, and travels I decided to propose her, in a unique place.

how they asked

I wanted the proposal idea and location to be as amazing and spectacular as she had been to me for the time I had known her. I decided on Dubai, because it was a city we both always wanted to visit. The proposal location and idea came from hours of searching the Net and Instagram for ideas. In the end, our Hotel provided exactly what I was looking for – 42nd floor terrace view to the Burj Khalifa at sunset. And, as I had imagined, everything turned out beautiful!

The terrace was decorated with thousands of rose petals and items showing my appreciation for her as a beautiful person. The brilliant photographer and videographer duo were on standby for the proposal shot, and it just happened as planned!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Serena Genovese
 | Photography
Sergio Bonitti
 | Cinema and Video