Mandeep and JP

Where to Propose in Fort park, Stamford , CT

How We Met

Me and JP met through a mutual family member. My cousin and his aunt knew each other and both played a matchmaker in our love story. Although we met each other through families for the first time, it felt like we knew each other for the longest time. You know when people say, “ when you know, you know”. I and JP went to this park where we sat down and talked about our life.

How They Asked

So JP had been planning to propose me for almost 3 weeks and I had no idea. He asked my parents for permission. He drove from Baltimore to CT and surprised me at the park in Stamford. I always used to tell him to make sure my nails are done and the photographer is there to capture a special moment of our life. My best friends and sister knew and they decided to make up a story so I don’t know what’s going on.

My girlfriends asked me to get my nails done but of course, I said no thinking that there’s no way he will propose me that weekend. My girlfriends told me to get ready, wear something cute and come to their house. They told me We were all gonna go this park close to their house and do some photo shoot session and later for the dinner for my girlfriend’s birthday. I didn’t think much of it and got ready, excited about the “photo shoot”. I went to their house, and we went to the park.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fort park, Stamford , CT

When I entered I saw a big heart made out of rose petals that said: “ will you marry me?” My siblings and his siblings were there. I was shocked and happy to see everyone there. It was one of the best days of my life ❤️

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