Mandee and Nicholas

How We Met: We met in middle school through a mutual friend. When I got into some trouble at the end of 8th grade, I was kicked out of school for my freshman year of high school. When I was able to come back, he drove me to school everyday of sophomore year. He would text me saying “I’m passing your house, come outside” and we would sit in his car for hours just talking about nothing.

Image 1 of Mandee and Nicholas

how they asked: He’s in the Marines and he’s stationed in North Carolina, about 1,000 miles away from me in Chicago. We met in middle school but didn’t start dating until right after high school, and since then we’ve been doing years of long distance because of the military. When I finished my sophomore year of college and was just starting summer break, my friends and I planned a trip to the city. Little did I know, my (then) boyfriend was in on the whole thing and had already purchased his ticket to fly out to Chicago for the day. I hadn’t seen him for months before that (except on Skype) and when I turned around and saw him on one knee, I just about lost it.

Image 2 of Mandee and NicholasImage 3 of Mandee and Nicholas