Mandee and Brad


How We Met

Although we had gone to school together since the 6th grade, we “met” and started dating in October 2011, during our senior year of high school, in Aquatic Science class.

how they asked

We had a normal trip planned to go visit a couple that we are really good friends with who live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was really excited to just go see my friend and did not have any idea that anything else might be happening while we were there. Little did I know, Brad had been planning for months. He had planned with the photographer, with my friends, with my parents, and with his parents, to make this proposal perfect.

He had me convinced that he wouldn’t want to propose any earlier than this upcoming winter. Before we left, he casually convinced me to go to the top of a mountain with him to just “see the sights” at one of the Salt Lake City mountain resorts. When we got to the top of the mountain, he walked me over to a spot with an incredible panoramic view, said “I wanted to take you to a spot as beautiful as you are to do this,” then dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him! :)






Special Thanks

Gillian Hunter