Man Proposes Using The Times Crossword Puzzle

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For the first time in its 85 year history, London newspaper The Times gave its crossword puzzle a new purpose – as a way to propose!

The Times reader Matthew Dick reached out via Twitter to Richard Rogan, the newspaper’s puzzle editor, to ask him to place a proposal in the Tuesday crossword puzzle. Rogan responded and the two together to incorporate Dick’s requests into the puzzle.

Clues in the crossword included 5 Across “‘Will you marry me,’ say that’s forward also rude!” with the correct answer being “proposal” and 1 Across “Pretty Welsh girl widely thought not to be all there” to which the answer was Delyth. This clue had special meaning because Dick’s girlfriend is Delyth Hughes.

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Hughes and Dick sat down on Tuesday to do the puzzle together at breakfast, an extra special day for them because it was her birthday. Dick had underlined some of the key words and as Hughes worked on the puzzle, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring.

As for how Hughes felt about the proposal, she told The Times, “It was also bloody typical as he’s a smart-arse at the best of times.”

Dick isn’t the only one with a sense of humor. After he proposed, Hughes jokingly turned down his proposal with a “No” before saying “Yes!”

Unfortunately for future proposers out there, Rogan says The Times won’t be doing this again.

Photo credit: BBC News and The Times