Man Proposes with Giant Marshmallow

How we met: We’ve known each other since we were 16 (as both of us were trialling for the GB Rowing Team) and both went to Uni in London. We lived together in Louise’s 1st year and my 2nd year of Uni but didn’t get together until I had moved out. I knew Louise must have liked me when she texted me across the room at a formal dinner to offer me her dessert. We will have been dating for 6 years this winter.

how they asked: I had ordered Boomf marshmallows for Louise’s birthday back in December, which went down really well. I saw the opportunity to win a monster Boomf and was already planning the proposal. I thought that it would be a laugh and something unique.

She loved it and thought it was good fun, but it took her a moment to work out that it was a monster Boomf. (She thought it was a cake at first). One of my teammates nearly blew it whilst drunk at the World Championship after party. I stashed it in the lining of my suitcase and was worried that US customs would pull me and blow my secret.

Man Proposes Using Giant Marshmallow (3)

Man Proposes Using Giant Marshmallow (2)

We’re still on holiday but planning to share the monster Boomf with family and friends once we get back this weekend. I think sharing it will be a cool way to celebrate.

Man Proposes Using Giant Marshmallow (1)

Marshmallow photo provided by Boomf