Man Proposes During a Game of Taboo

Image 1 of Man Proposes During a Game of TabooWe’ve known each other since I (Taylor) was 13 years old. We grew up in the church together, in fact, my mom coordinated his moms wedding many years ago. We were friends and casually dated throughout the years and when I was 20 we finally made it official and decided to see where this would go. He is my best friend and the most amazing man any girl could ask for.

I thought I had an idea that he was going to do it that day but he totally tricked me and threw me off. We were at a close friends home having dinner like we normally do on a monthly basis where I thought we were playing a competitive game of Taboo which had to be videoed to see how couples act in that environment for our friends psychology class…my sister texted me 10 minutes before asking if I thought he was going to do it and I said, “No, not tonight. He is WAY too relaxed and normal. Everyone is. Soon though :)”. I was convinced that it wasn’t going to happen so I was officially in game mode ready to show her class how good we were at the game…however, we were not good at the game to which I realized why later once he pulled the ring out that a lot of other emotions were involved. I had no idea whatsoever until he pulled the ring out and my jaw dropped. I was completely surprised. He did an amazing job, everything I had “hinted” at for so long.