Man Goes to Girlfriend's Father's Grave to Share His Proposal Plans

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How We Met

We met ironically at the place she worked at and she will say I stalked her but the truth is….well the truth is that I probably did. I was working for a production company that was doing commercials for Sam’s Club. They called and asked if I could work. It was an extremely early call time, I was being paid close to nothing, and I told myself “This is last time I will ever work for them”. So we showed up at Sam’s Club and I was doing my usual job of watching the gear, when out of no where I looked across the store and saw the most amazing woman I have ever seen. I have heard of people saying that “time simply stops” when you see that person. I always believed that was an over exaggeration, but it is completely true. The crowd parted, time slowed and I saw Arrow. The most beautiful person I have ever seen, and she just happened to be our actress for the day! She said one thing to me “I think someone is coming to do some maintenance on one of our kiosks” – which I later found out was a lie just to talk to me – but it literally rendered me speechless and I could not function. The rest of the day all I could focus on was her. I managed to get her last name and immediately after the shoot was over I looked her up on Facebook. I sent her a message of how nice it was to work with her and she replied nicely but that was it. The conversation was over. I didn’t think she had any interest so I let it go. 1 week later she sent me a Facebook message saying “I thought I saw you today so I walked up to you and said ‘hey do you come here often’ only to find out it was someone else” – I later found out this was also a lie just to talk to me again. That’s where it started, we began talking again and 2 hours later we set up our first date and as of 3/4/2012 we have been inseparable.

how they asked

On May 26th 2013, my boyfriend’s parents and I headed to the Malco Movie Theatre to watch a documentary that my boyfriend had created with his college buddy, Eric. We were so anxious and proud that he had made it to the big screen! As the trailer started my heart began to race because I saw my boyfriend’s truck pulling into the cemetery where my father rests.

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My first thought was “How incredibly sweet of him to include a man he knew I loved so much into his documentary about love”. Until he said, “I’ve got it from here” then I froze. I felt confused, excited, and even more anxious to see how it would end. When he said “I have a confession to make, there’s no documentary” that is when it really hit me that he was really proposing.

It was real. Something I never thought would happen finally did. I was overwhelmed with emotion. He is the love of my life and I felt so honored to have the opportunity to say YES to one of the most meaningful questions he would ever ask. Everything that day was so perfect.

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how they asked , by Travis: I knew within 2 months of meeting Arrow that I wanted to be with her the rest of my life. I used to drive 40 minutes to see her every day and the whole way there I would listen to the song “Fix You” by Coldplay. I am a film school graduate and movies have had a tremendous impact on my life, so I knew when the time finally came I would have to incorporate movies into the proposal somehow. After we had been dating for 9 months I knew this was something real and I wanted to do something very special for her. I contacted my film school buddy, Eric, and told him my idea. I wanted to create a trailer that would be shown at a real movie theatre which would end with me walking into the theatre and proposing. He immediately jumped on board, and from there, 7 months of work began. It started with the illusion that Eric and I had been hired to create a documentary on love, which was titled “This Could Be Love” – lyrics to her favorite song. From there Eric flew in from Florida and we shot the entire trailer in 2 days. Once the edit was finally complete I contacted Rogers Pinnacle Hills Malco Theatre and after some work, received approval to show the trailer at the theatre.

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Next I convinced her that a distribution company wanted to buy the rights to sell on DVD and wanted to do a test screen at the Malco Theatre. I then created Malco tickets which we gave to all friends and family – absolutely no one except for my mother, father, and close family friend knew about this. After 7 months the day finally arrived. I was perfectly calm as I watched patiently outside the theatre door, but as soon as the door opened something hit me and I was a nervous wreck! I was more excited then anything else I have ever felt and I so pleased that I could give her something this special that we will both remember forever.

Credits: SS Pictures, PLLC – Videography // Eric Horner Films – Videography/Editing // Malco Pinnacle Hill Promenade – Movie Theatre // Leo Smith – Reaction Camera Operator // Abelardo Alvarado – Reaction Camera Operator // Eric and Debra Sherman – Keeping the secret