Mamou and Ugo

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How We Met

I was on Tinder, not for love but instead for free movies + dinner. I went on a few dates with my now fiancé and knew he was the one quickly after. After a few months of dating, we made it official on Valentine’s Day, 2017. By August we had already moved in together. He truly completes me and the two of us make such a power couple. I am thankful to have him in my corner and to spend the rest of my life with him.

Mamou and Ugo's Engagement in Paris

Mamou's Proposal in Paris

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How They Asked

We were in France for Thanksgiving visiting my family. The day before the engagement I had a major allergic reaction which caused my lip to swell. Ugo was extremely worried – which at the time I didn’t get, I’ve had allergic reactions before.

Anyway, fast forward to December 2nd, we’re headed to Les Deux Plateux to get some pictures with his new camera. We’re outside posing and a photographer who he knows through a friend in SF came and joined us. I’m not thinking anything of it. His reasoning for the friend was “She’s going to show me some tricks for my new camera.” It made sense to me.

So now the photographer is taking pictures of us, and Ugo is posing me. He turns me around and we’re taking more pictures, and next thing I hear is “wait, can I ask you a question” I turn around, and there he is, down in one knee. Everything else is a blur. I couldn’t stop screaming!

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