Malou and Luis

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How We Met

We met in 2016, a mutual friend invited us to the beach and I went just to hang, I did not know him back then, I was a pastry chef with no desire to party and he was a biker with a poker face, so we had nothing in common and no reason to be friends. One night, after spending the day by the pool, we decided to play “Cards against Humanity”, little did he know, that I´m the queen of this game, after a few rounds of me winning, we decided to call it a night. I went to read a book in the backyard, when he came out, the only thing that I thought was “Why are you following me? I want to read alone”.

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He proposed we play a game to get to know each other, his smooth pick up game was 21 questions! This game ended up lasting 9 hours, we talked all night, we saw the sunrise and he charmed me with this fake knowledge of the constellations. The next day when I got home, I binge watched Sons of Anarchy, because he recommended it and I wanted to have an excuse to talk to so more. Now we had many adventures together, and I can saw that CAH changed my life!

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How They Asked

Early in April a friend invited us to his new house to enjoy a grilling afternoon since I was getting Lasix that day, I had to decline the invite, but weirdly, everyone else said that we should reschedule for May 11th. The new date arrived and I was not excited to go, the idea of a smoked evening was not thrilling, I even considered canceling but because this was changed already because of me I refrained. Luis picked me up at my house, and he was acting supernormal, I asked if he had the beverages for the party, and he said yes, this was weird already, he always asks me before buying drinks, this was key because I´m very good at spoiling surprises and he knew that!

On our way to the party, we got lost, our GPS took us 20 minutes out of the way, this was not planned but was the cherry on top, because, before this point, I was suspicious that the proposal was coming. Luis has no sense of direction, so arriving directly to this new house would have been a big “Proposal Flag”, after wandering around for 20 minutes, we found the cottage, it smelled like smoke and the sound of Metallica in the background were a clear sign that our friends were there cooking.

We got out and when Luis opened the door, I knew, that was the day; a path of candles and flower petals lead the way to a lit fireplace and our song was playing in the back, a single small table was set at the end with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, a bottle of Champagne and a handmade ring box were waiting for us.

Luis said the most beautiful words that I can not remember because I was nervous, and he got on one knee and pulled the most delicious green ring pop. I used to joke that I wanted a green ring pop as my engagement ring, to symbolize an emerald. To my surprise, my dreamed emerald ring design by Luis himself was hidden under the ring pop. After I said yes, our friends came out to celebrate with us, and talk about all the challenges that they had to overcome to give me my perfect proposal.


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