Malory and Levi

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How We Met

We met while serving as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Arkansas in 2014. We became great friends as we served in the same area and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. Shortly after meeting I finished my 18 months of service and went home to Utah, while he continued to serve for another year. As Latter-day Saint missionaries are only able to communicate with family and friends trough hand-written letters and emailing once a week, we became pen pals. A box full of letters and a year later we began dating.
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how they asked

I knew it was coming eventually. He’d been joking around for a few weeks, every time we went out together he’d say something to make me suspicious. By the time New Year’s Eve had come I had started to ignore when he would say stuff like that to avoid getting my hopes up. A few weeks before we had been talking about my bucket list. Conveniently one of the items on my list was to be kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve. He promised to make that happen this year and to make it the best New Year’s I’d ever had. He made comments all day about how great midnight would be and kept asking me if I was excited about the masquerade party my brother was hosting that night. I couldn’t figure out why he was so excited because he had initially not been thrilled about having to wear a mask and bowtie. Grateful for his change of heart, however, I went along with his excitement. He had been making a lot of comments previously that week about how excited he was to be engaged soon, and I was honestly getting kind of frustrated because I was certain he was saying all of these things to trow me off, to convince me into thinking it would happen on New Year’s Eve, and then not propose until later that week.

About 15 minutes before midnight he started to get really quiet and I thought to myself “Great, he isn’t even having fun. What a memorable New Year this will be…” Midnight came and, of course, we had our midnight kiss. Something felt a little off…I noticed he didn’t have both arms wrapped around me, guess he wasn’t in the greatest mood after all. Little did I know, when I pulled back he would kneel down and pull the most beautiful ring out of his pocket.

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