Malone and Rudy

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How we met

Rudy and I were set up by a mutual friend who lives in TX. I live in GA, and Rudy lives in KS. We initially both said no, but she ended up convincing him to contact me. A few weeks later, he flew to Atlanta to meet me. My family and I both fell in love with him pretty instantly and knew that he was the one!

how they asked

The proposal took place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Rudy planned a trail ride for us, which included Scott, one of his best friends from Kansas who was celebrating the Holiday with us. My sister Grace had a convenient excuse as to why she could not go with us. She also was very opinionated about my original choice of slouchy riding attire- knowing I would be horrified if I wore that with all the pictures and video. So my Mom suggested Rudy say the stables had called to say they were updating their website so there may be someone there taking pictures or videos, and would that be ok. This made me more conscious of what I was wearing… and prompted me to put on makeup. Grace and my girlfriend also made sure my nails were done for the event. The family made several trips to the mountain planning and staging “The Proposal” during the weeks prior. Rudy loves his dog Malik and horse Maverick, so it was very important they be a part of it. This is how it happened….


Loading Maverick to take him up for the trail ride took much less time than anticipated. Rudy found himself having to stall for time as we were running ahead of schedule. We stopped for lunch. In the meantime 40 people were caravanning from LaGrange up to the clearing at the top of the mountain to get in place. They were all going to be driving right past where we were. Rudy bought me several lottery scratch offs so I would be looking down for a time in order for the caravan to safely drive by without me noticing.

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When we arrived at The FDR Stables I wasn’t surprised to see a videographer filming the area. About thirty minutes into the ride our guide Keith pretended there was a problem with my horse’s shoe. This detained Scott and I in the trail and Rudy made an excuse to ride ahead so he could get to the clearing before me. After Keith supposedly fixed my horses shoe, I realized my sister Grace was standing there with flowers in her hand. She told me to get down off the horse and take my sunglasses off. She took my arm and the fun began!

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When my first friend popped out from behind a tree with a poster Grace asked me to read them out loud. Not only were Rudy’s words on the posters so meaningful, but it was also overwhelming to see my dearest friends from as far away as Texas, Arkansas, New York and all over Georgia acting as “the trail girls”. As we were making our way toward the end of the trail near the clearing, I could hear my friend Colby Dee from Nashville singing one of our favorite songs by Lennon and Maisy. I soon realized my cousin Jordan From Arkansas was singing with her and accompanying her on the guitar. After the last poster, Grace led me out in to the clearing. I saw Rudy getting off his horse.

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There were even more family and friends with some holding signs spelling out “Mo will you marry me?” I found myself running to him.

He got down on his knee and the rest is history!

The most amazing thing is all of these people and more, kept this a secret from me for well over a month. As time drew closer, a couple of my friends didn’t return my calls which I thought was odd.

They later told me they were afraid they may accidently give it away. Another reason I was totally surprised is my Mother had her “one year rule” so I felt Rudy may propose sometime next spring.

After the proposal, everyone was invited to celebrate at our friend’s farm for dinner prepared by my father. It was amazing to share this day with people who have meant so much to me over the years. Ending the evening we enjoyed listening to Colby Dee and Jordan’s music again along with his wife Samantha harmonizing and my Dad on his guitar.

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So many details, so much preplanning and phone calls. The trail girls, the mountain signs, the drivers and caravan crew, the music, the posters….. ALL LOVINGLY DONE IN SECRET! I’m so blessed!

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