Mally and Jordan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barnsley Gardens

How We Met

Jordan and I met when we were in high school. We had seen each other around but had never actually met each other until a day in March sitting at a picnic table. Call me crazy, but the second I looked into Jordan’s eyes, I knew an adventure was about to happen. We talked for a while at the picnic table then parted ways. We really didn’t see each other around too much after that. Fast forward a couple of months, the cute guy from the picnic table had sent me a direct message on Instagram. After months and months of direct messaging on Instagram, he finally asked for my phone number. We haven’t missed a day of talking to each other since.

Jordan is the first guy I ever dated, and I’m thankful that he’ll be the last.

How They Asked

The more I learn about my proposal… the more shocked I am that nobody spilled the beans! Everyone and I mean everyone, was in on it.

Let me tell you, Jordan is the most thoughtful person in the world. If there are two things to know about me: I love my job, and I love my coworkers.

I had recently taken up golf and was looking for any excuse in the book to go play around. One day, my boss called me into his office and had a surprise for me! He said, “Mally, pack your bags we’re going to Barnsley Gardens to play golf!” As if it couldn’t get any better, he told me I got to bring Jordan. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t suspicious of a proposal… but, it was a work trip! Jordan and I had been to look at engagement rings a few weeks prior, so I knew the day was coming.

The day we left for Barnsley, I had unexplainable butterflies all morning long. All my coworkers packed up their cars and hit the road. As Jordan and I were driving to Barnsley, he got a phone call from the jewelers. He reluctantly answered the phone with me in the car. The jeweler on the phone told him the unfortunate news that they were not able to get the ring he wanted down to the price point he wanted to stay within and asked us to come back in on Saturday to check out more options. I was a little upset. I really thought he might propose at Barnsley. But, I knew he was still actively looking at rings.

We pulled into the resort and checked into our cottage and went to freshen up before dinner. We were all supposed to be meeting at The Ruins at 5:30. Jordan and I started heading that way a bit early. When we walked up to The Ruins, I found it strange that we were the only two people there. Since we were about five minutes early, I had Jordan sit down with me on a bench. He was anxiously tapping his foot the whole time! He kept urging me to get up and tour The Ruins. I, on the other hand, kept telling him to be patient since we were here with my work. After his fifth time asking, I finally got up to walk around with him.

Once we walked up the steps of The Ruins, I knew exactly what was happening. I immediately burst into tears and do not remember one single word he said. My favorite part of the whole day was that Jordan forgot to take off his sunglasses. It was just the most special, in the moment, moment. He opened the ring box, and inside was the ring of my absolute dreams. The call from the jeweler was to through off all suspicions… and it totally worked!

All of our family was thereafter to celebrate with us. I am so thankful for this night and think about it every single day. I am so happy to be Jordan’s bride-to-be!

Special Thanks

Anna Johnson
 | Photographer