Mally and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I have quite the story, so go ahead and grab yourself some popcorn and read along for the love story of a lifetime!

I had the privilege of meeting Jordan during my junior year at The Kings Academy… Jordan is my high school sweetheart! We met at a picnic table during lunch hour when I purposefully sat with the sophomore class because I thought one of them was so cute. (Bet you cannot guess who that one was!). All I remember was Jordan’s friends cracking a dirty joke, which I did not find funny, and Jordan trying very hard not to laugh to impress me. A few months later during the summertime, Jordan did what all men do to start the ultimate millennial relationship… he slid into my DM’s! We messaged back and forth for a few months before I finally gave him my phone number, and after that, the rest is history!

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Meeting in high school was honestly such a blessing. Jordan and I truly got to grow together and grow up together! I was a year older than Jordan so that presented its challenges once I graduated and started trying to figure out what the next step was. I pursued a career with Disney which would ultimately lead to a long-distance relationship with Jordan, and he never once did anything but support me through and through. He would go down to Florida with me for auditions, callbacks, fittings… and always fearlessly supported my dream alongside me. When my career with Disney did not go as planned, it took me a while to figure out what the purpose was in that, but the purpose was Jordan all along. I found my new dream in Jordan. Jordan and I have had the best memories throughout our relationships, whether it was high school study dates, to over 20 Disney trips together… every memory has been the sweetest.

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Jordan and my relationship was truly the most beautiful relationship I believe anyone has ever had. It is unique in the sense that we have been engaged twice. Jordan and I first got engaged in the spring of 2019 and began the wedding planning journey. During the summer of 2019, Jordan and I prayerfully decided to end our engagement and go our separate ways. It was a decision that was painful for both of us, but it was painfully necessary. We spent several months apart figuring out who we were as individuals and who we are through Christ. We learned to become independent and lean into The Lord in times of trouble and ultimately found ourselves back together at the start of 2020.

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How They Asked

When Jordan and I got back together in early 2020, we knew it would not be long before we found ourselves engaged again. When you know, you know… especially the second time around. I am not very easy to fool, and I figure out almost every surprise before it happens! However, Jordan got me GOOD on this one. Jordan and I had talked a lot about getting engaged in August. He told me time and time again how he felt like God was telling him to wait for August, and hey, who would I be to argue with that? Do not let that question fool you, I tried to argue. May 29th came around, and what appeared to be like every other Friday, it turned into the happiest day of my life!

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One of my best friends Sydney asked me to have a girl’s day with her! Conveniently, my fiancé Jordan and her boyfriend Luke are also best friends. Sydney and I would normally do something on our own, Jordan and Luke would do their own thing, and we would all meet up for dinner… that’s why nothing seemed out of the ordinary! The boys were going hiking at Kennesaw Mountain while we got our nails done and asked us to pick them up once we were done so we could head to Marietta Square!

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All-day Sydney had been taking videos of us doing silly things, so when she pulled her phone while we were driving, I thought nothing of it. Ironically, all day long we had been talking about Jordan and I getting engaged again. It was in my brain at all times because I was READY! I proudly told her, “I really don’t think I’ll cry when Jordan proposes to me again!” I was super wrong about that one. When we walked to where the guys were to pick them up, I saw Jordan standing alone in the middle of the battlefield with a backdrop of Cinderella’s castle surrounded by a sea of rose petals. I immediately burst into tears. It was not a cute, happy cry. Rather, it was the ugly, Kardashian, cry that comes from your gut!

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Jordan dropped to his knee, told me how much he loved and adored me, and how thankful he was for the way The Lord had written our story. When he asked me to marry him, I answered, “of course I will marry you, again!”

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In 1 Corinthians, it talks about how true, biblical love holds no records of wrongdoings. What Jordan and I found in one another is true, biblical love. We have so much peace in knowing that God prepared us both for marriage by sweetly breaking both of our hearts for us to fully surrender to Him. God is the most beautiful Author when you allow Him to be, and I am so thankful for the crazy, beautiful story He has written for us. Jordan is the person my soul has always loved and will love for the rest of eternity. I truly believe that marrying Jordan is my calling. I cannot wait to finally become Jordan’s wife!

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Special Thanks

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 | Best Friend