Mallory and Zach

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How We Met

So, I’ve always held that you will never meet a guy worth talking to in a bar. I never give out my number when I go out. I’ve kissed a few frogs for fun before at college bars, but that was it. They never made it past possible Facebook friends.

Zach and I “met” for the first time at one of the sleaziest dance bars called Rock Lobster, which is located in the Indiana infamous Broad Ripple strip. Broad Ripple is where everyone in the nearby area goes to get white girl wasted and run around to a bunch of bars.

I was out with 5 other girls having a ridiculous girl’s night Thanksgiving Weekend 2013. We were drunk and loud, to say the least. Lots of dancing.

And, lots of creepy guys. Unfortunately, the boy/man population in Bripp is known for being way too touchy, aggressive, and creepy. My girls and I had a group of them trying to surround us while we were dancing. I’m very straight forward and was openly putting my hands up to push them away and telling them to fuck off so we could dance with our girls. It’s a girls night, we’re not havin it.

All the sudden this pretty normal looking guy pushes those guys out of the way, comes over to me and really politely says something along the lines of, “Hey, I’m Zach. I saw you and I think you’re really cute. I’m about to leave for the night, but I don’t want to go without getting your phone number. Could I have your number?”

Like I said, I never give out my number, but for some reason, I really wanted to give this sweet guy my number. He looked pretty clean-cut (a rarity out there), but I noticed his ears had holes where gages used to be, which I liked. I said yes, and gave it to him. While he was typing it, I apparently kissed his neck once, and then again before he left for some reason (something I pretended to drunk-girl forget until he brought it up later). I don’t know why I felt compelled to do any of this, but I did. It was a chance encounter that lasted a total of 2 minutes.

His friends were literally out the door. When he told me his side of the story later, I guess it had been a weird night out and his friends were ready to go home. But, he was recently single after a hard break-up and didn’t want to leave without one number. He said he wanted to find one girl with short, brown hair (and he maybe also said a nice butt) before they left. Out of all the girls in that bar, he picked me, got my number, and went home.

I went on with my girl’s night and shunned every other guy. I didn’t really think about Zach (I didn’t remember his name until he texted me) because we went pretty hard that girl’s night. He texted me around 10am in the morning. We got each other’s full names. I told him Zach Porter was a “solid name.” We texted for a week until he asked me on an official date. Talking with him was so smooth and easy; no games.

I wasn’t expecting much the first date, because I was 22 and still in college at BSU and boys were poor and stupid. He was 27 and a definite adult and a gentleman. He picked me up and took me to the flippin Ringling Bros. Circus, then we walked around the downtown Indy with Starbucks (romantic movie status), AND he took me to dinner and a movie. It was crazy. Obviously he swept me off my feet, but as we kept dating, it was obvious we fit so well together.

how they asked


The happiest week of my life began with a mani/pedi together. Obviously, Zach didn’t get his painted. He knew I’d want my nails to already be done up if he ever proposed. And, I didn’t suspect a thing because it was our Staycation week. What a smart guy I snatched up.

Saturday, July 9, 2016, Zach and I went to the Broad Ripple Farmers’ Market to pick out tasty, homemade treats for lunch. Lemon poppy seed bread, strawberries, cheese, yes please!

We planned on a picnic at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) that afternoon. We packed up the picnic basket with our Farmers’ Market goodies and he led me to a specific spot.

The open, grassy area had a circular fountain in the middle with trees surrounding to match its shape and provide shade. Two stone pillars stood at the opening of the serene round space.

We laid out our picnic blanket and savored our cheese and salami platter, fruit, and desserts while staring at the crystal blue sky with not so secret side glances at each other and always lots of kisses.

When we had our fill, Zach asked me to stand up with him. He took my hand and walked me closer to the fountain. He lowered to his knee, expressed his love, and asked me to marry him.

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Little did I know, our professional photographer friend, Alison, sat hiding in the bushes with her husband, crouched between trees and spiders, the brave woman. Her husband took a video of the proposal while she snapped reaction pictures as I cried and embraced my forever love with a, “Yes!”.

Alison peeked out of the bushes and presented us with champagne glasses and sparkling juice to toast. We wandered around the IMA gardens and took a few engagement pictures with her before parting.

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Zach and I took hands as fiances and roamed the gardens together where I used to dream about my future surrounded by flower beds in solitude. We tiptoed through the Lilly House, one of my favorite historic homes since childhood, and all of it felt like the clearest reverie.

We ended the (for lack of better word) perfect day with steak dinner under amber mood lighting, staring into each other’s eyes.

Now, begins the wedding planning. Mood board!

We are leaning towards a Fall 2017 wedding with a 1920s blue, gold, and sparkle theme. But, the most important thing to always remember is the strong relationship bond between me and Zach, and that we get to build a life and grow a family together. My heart could not be more full.

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